Gov't lifts restrictions on travel across prefectures


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Yes agree with the above. I also was not aware of any restrictions..

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People are indeed following company orders, but the govt has NOT put any actual restrictions in place, they passed the buck onto the private sector & individuals own discretion

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The travel restrictions had already been lifted for other parts of the country. 

There were restrictions?? :o

I thought the Tokyo Alert was lifted a while ago, although not even sure what that means.

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Know a guy who has a second job in the next prefecture. He hasn't been allowed to work there due to the govt. request for non-essential inter-prefectural travel. He will be able to now. Like the poster above mentioned, people do follow company orders here.

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For salary men/women this is a big deal. They companies told them to refrain from travel and eating out until today .

And as anyone here knows company orders are generally followed.

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Govt has confirmed there have not been, nor will there be any restrictions on inter-prefectural travel.

There title fixed!

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When I was under self isolation in a tiny beach town in Wakayama I had never seen such a mix of number plates driving around everyday... restriction what restriction, was it an urge?

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There were no restrictions.

People were just ask to refrain from travel across perfectures.

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What restrictions?

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I frequently made trips these past 3 months-there were no restrictions...

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