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Gov't to suspend Go To Travel campaign in some areas


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There have been numerous (talking head) news reports over the past week, stating that if the government does not do something NOW, this wave will have 1,500 to 2,000 people a day catching this virus.

Hospitals around the country are AGAIN being pushed to the limits and the government is doing squat!


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Toshio Nakagawa, head of the Japan Medical Association, has said there is no concrete evidence to indicate the travel program is responsible for the recent spike in coronavirus cases, but "there is no mistaking that it acted as a catalyst."

I am confused. Does this mean he neither confirm nor deny that the travel program is responsible for the spike?

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No concern for human life, only money. A very sad reality. People here cannot think for themselves and only see "deals" over common sense (which is an oxymoron in this case).

This is all ridiculous. The big shutdown is coming and It's the hospitals that are most at risk.

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 "The government takes too long to decide on anything,"

Maybe there should be a meeting to decide if this is true or not? But maybe I should call a meeting to ask if my question is acceptable or not first. I can't decide!!!

"Travelers no longer know what rules they should follow,"

Travelers could use their own common sense instead?

"I did not expect such a rapid surge in infections," Setsuko Oishi, 60, said. On her way to Okinawa Prefecture with her family, Oishi said she would have canceled the trip if the third wave had come earlier.

It helps to pay attention to the world, not just your local hood.

Haruo Ozaki, who heads the Tokyo Medical Association, said it is very possible that people's movements have spread infections. "We would like (the government) to suspend (the program),"

Suspend it. As in all of it. None of this partial stipulation garbage.

Among the ideas being floated are leaving it to prefectural governors in the affected regions to decide to no longer accept the coupons given to travelers through the scheme, the source said.

In other words, contradict their ideas? Best idea yet.

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Yes , it’s difficult... this time you can’t restrict everything of the GoTo campaigns for the whole population but at the same time insist in this Olympic Games project being held at all costs without any restrictions. A nice dilemma that idiots produced, to watch on a daily basis from now.... lol

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So far, some 40 million trips have been taken through the program, with 176 people accessing the subsidy found to have been infected with the virus, according to the government.

176 people out of how many people and out of how many test? As usual just a low number that sheds no light on anything.

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It seems too late. Most people will go on whatever as they already made reservations, even money is back when travel is cancelled.

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Very wise move.

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“in some areas...” ...sighs...

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"third wave" we are still on the first wave! Wake up!

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"To avoid situations requiring stronger measures, people's cooperation is indispensable,"

So, what constitutes a situation that requires strong measures, if this is not one, and what "strong measures" would this incredibly weak government ever take?

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The problem currently facing Japan people interviewed is that they lack being given enough information to make choice they will be proud of no matter if good or bad. You can not say to people GoTo travel/eat/work/... and in the same time restrain. That is unclear, so people just end up not knowing where to stand. I know even changing your politics on the way can be difficult for some, see the mask issue and for how long we had people going around about : "but they first say mask was not useful". Fortunately the majority can accept that kind of change as long as clearly explained (for the other one, I guess more explanation are needed perhaps a full review of how things can change along time like the Earth is flat, the Earth is round, the Earth is kind of round, which go through).

Same goes for countries with mask enforcement policy. This is not nanny state. You are thinking too highly of yourself if you think your government is trying to protect you as an individual. They do not really give a crap. They want to protect the whole society. It is the same for the seat belt, it is mandatory not because they will be so sad you die, just because it is a cost(money, time, ...) for society as they will have to produce in some way a replacement for you. If you do not die but are hurt, that also create a cost for the group and you could even turn out as a projectile which will end up harming/killing someone else which never asked for it and all the more cost. Same for the virus.

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I think it’s commons sense that’s a huge problem right now. Not only in japan has these “go to travel” type of campaigns caused in most cases a spike in covid cases. As soon as they announced the campaign I’m pretty sure the vast majority of people were thinking it was a bad idea. However people have become impatient, seeking “normality” and have had enough. I get it, however this virus dosent care about that. We should wait to travel/ eat out, but at the same time we have to help those who work in travel/restaurants. It’s a hard thing.

these are all positive things however the government should wait until we have a solid vaccine in the country and announce GoTo again. I think people would feel safer and use the opportunity then.

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