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Granddaughter of diplomat who saved Jewish refugees keeping his spirit alive


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This: "I deliberated all night long until I could not think any longer...Finally, after soul-searching, I concluded that humanity and generosity are above all things and, fearing nothing, I issued the visas risking my career. I still believe I was right," he wrote in his memoirs, according to the English website of the memorial hall.

... had me in tears.

And this: "It was only after he died in 1986 at the age of 86 that the Foreign Ministry apologized to the family for its discourtesy to Chiune Sugihara and he became officially recognized as a courageous diplomat who had acted as a humanitarian."

... had me thinking what a funny convoluted base-over-apex world we are living in.

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"I still believe I was right," he wrote in his memoirs,"

And he was.

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Shalom to the Sugihara Family

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While it is extremely important that the heroic deeds that Chiune Sugihara had done be appropriately recognized, it is as important to be aware that it's now widely known in Japan that not all of what's been told about Sugihara is not true. Since his name started to be known, bits and pieces of fictions have been added by the NPO "Visas for Life", a defacto family business run by Sugihara's eldest son's estranged wife and her two children including this lady in the above article, to make his story more dramatic and moving. Having attended talks and events organized by these people myself, I was shocked to discover their lack of historical knowledge and the way they skillfully mix facts and fictions to deceive innocent audience. A TV documentary has also been made to disclose the reality of their wrongdoings. Sugihara had repeatedly told his children never to exploit his name to make a profit. It is indeed ironic that his grandchildren are doing just that.

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The biography of Chiune Sugihara by Hillel Levine is now available as an eBook: http://plunkettlakepress.com/isos

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Now if only we had someone with the same concern for the Palestinian People who are living in the equivalent of concentration camps in their own land. Barbed wire, guns, brutal murder of unarmed people by armed thugs, starvation, lack of medicine, prisoners imprisoned by European invaders under an absurd lie of historical provenance. The EuroJews are NOT Hebrews, have never been Hebrews, and are a converted people of Turkic extraction and are the MOST anti-Semitic of haters on our planet. The EuroJews (Ashkenazi) are NOT Semites but lie for their own propagandistic benefit. Yeah, there was a mass murder. Ask the Armenians and the Cambodians and, especially, the Native Americans, about genocide. I'm sick of hearing the constant whining and complaining and ad naueam propaganda about the behavior of the NAZIs from people who are doing exactly the same thing as they did. But it's OK for them because they're special, no? NO. Only monsters could do what they are doing to their imprisoned victims every day. zionism is a White racist, psychopathic belief system with no discernible differences from the philosophy of German National Socialism (Nationalsozialismus). And, most importantly of all, zionists are NOT 'THE JEWS'. They are to Judaism what the NAZIs were to Germany, a pathological political entity which sees all nonJews (and nonzionist Jews) as inferior and worthy of whatever manipulation and dishonesty and abuse they will submit to. Yes. I am a HATER. I hate NAZIs and I hate zioinists and anyone else who destroys what little good there is to Humanity and points out just what kind of parasites Humans can be. Sue me. And I've been banned by the rightwing Japan Times for these very criticisms. Censorship, silencing the critic, burning the critique. Expect even more as the world begins to become more aware of the moral horror that is Occupied Palestine and the racist monsters who dominate it with unilateral and homicidal force. Any Human identity group is capable of puking out this kind of pathology and, for our time, it's the conscienceless zionists. Free Palestine from the dishonest and racist White Euro fascist invaders. It's 1939 all over again.

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Sugihara-sensei would be horrified by the zionists. "Finally, after soul-searching, I concluded that humanity and generosity are above all things..." Try to find those things among the zionists. You won't.

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