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Heavy rain floods parts of Japan recovering from typhoons

By Lee Jin-man

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I hope everyone stays safe and recovers quickly.

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evacuate to where? did they show anywhere to go?

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really bad now but should abate by tonight.

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Schools are generally located on the highest ground in the area.

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Rained hard all night in Kansai. All areas have evacuating places including schools and other buildings. You need to know your area.

If it's that straight-forward, how come we experience close to 100 death in the last disaster?

The strong typhoons are irresistible; accepting that with all my heart. However we lost most of these lifes because of the flood like a third-world country, it was not because of strong winds.

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Most of the deaths are the elderly and the ones who are reluctant to evacuate.

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Run to the hills

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I hope there will be no more fatalities in this tropical storm. The ¥160 Billion spent for the foreign and local guest this week and the next still comes to my mind. I wonder what comes to the new Emperors mind right now after spending that much. And I also wonder if He ever received any word of sympathy for the victims from his guests.

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The ¥160 Billion spent for the foreign and local guest this week and the next still comes to my mind. I 

Sorry. Got confused with ¥16 Billion and 160 Oku yen.

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