Heavy rain hits southern Kyushu; woman buried in landslide dies


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Time for souwesters, wellies and brollies

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After last year, the government has been trying to get people to understand the differences between orders and advisories and the other terminology being used. They can only do so much, but I hope it has worked.

During the recent tsunami warning, the TV had a big display saying "TSUNAMI! NIGERO! (RUN AWAY)" No-one seeing that could claim they didn't understand how serious the potential danger was.

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Kumamoto City was spared a direct hit - most of it was to the north or south. But the rivers are full.

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Kyushu seems to cop it every summer. I hope everybody obeyed the evacuation orders and are safe.

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I hope it won’t be like last year. Kurume and Ogori were just devastated, Youme town was underwater and in Ogori they closed down the AEON Mall, took months to re-open it, hope we don’t see a repeat of that again.

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Heavy rains across the whole of East Asia causing major problems and deaths across the region. Climate change.

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The submerged farm road in the photo is the back road I take to work everyday.

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Global warming? What global warming?

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Heavy rain again. Disaster again. Explosive climate chang hits Japan archipelago, especially Kyushu region. It's a huge problem. We have to prepare for it.

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