Heavy rain pounds Sea of Japan coast; local politician dies


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Rest in peace Akaike San.

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Man died a hero for his county.

Sad that he wasn’t equipped correctly and it cost him his life. He may have saved some too.

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Salute to Nobuhiko Akaike. He died in the act of trying to protect his constituents.

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Salute to Nobuhiko Akaike. He died in the act of trying to protect his constituents.

Tragic. I also salute the late Mr. Akaike. It’s beyond saintly admirable that he took the warnings seriously and tried to help others get out in time.

I’m in the center of Osaka city in a ferroconcrete condo building on a hill, and I let my neighbors (mostly elderly) know that they can contact me anytime they need help, Obviously, they won’t need this kind of assistance. But if any of you are in the rural areas of Japan, let your neighbors know when there is a weather alert issued and that you can help them if necessary.

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He went missing while going around a neighborhood urging residents to flee due to the risk of a nearby river overflowing.

now that's a real people's representative.... sad though, especially for his family.

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Akaike-san, rare case of a politician who is truly concerned with the people he represents. I hope he is honored in the way he greatly deserves.

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