High court rejects bid to shut down Shikoku Electric reactor


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The Takamatsu High Court denied a legal bid by residents of Ehime prefecture to shut down the No. 3 reactor at the Ikata nuclear plant, the company said in a statement.

Right, cause who cares about democracy? This is Japan, land of brown envelopes and noses.

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Democracy and the rule of law are not the same thing. Nice generalization too.

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And the High Court's rationalization for casting aside the very, very valid fears and doubts of the people who live in the area over the corporation's "needs"? MONEY. I think each and every judge on the High Court should have to sign a document saying they are personally responsible for what happens when an accident occurs, because there is NO WAY they can say "We couldn't have known when we rejected the suit!"

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right, NO WAY ....... but

they will say it anyways. As always: take a deep bow, maybe say you're sorry, never confess that you made a mistake and/or your judgement was wrong. Haven't we seen this in the past way too often?

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Nuclear is the best electric energy distribution method. As IPCC says nuclear do have it´s risk but that is risk we can live with. I base it at two fundamental reasons.

Evacuated Norwegian persons from Fukushima with direct flight landed in higher radiation level in Norway. Should we evacuate Norway too? The radiation level in Tokyo shopping center is higher than in Fukushima. Should we evacuate there?

An astronaut following the Mars Lander will be exposed for a radiation level during one year of about two to three times that of Fukushima (yeardose). According to the University in Kiev that developed the measuring device said the risk for lungcancer will increase to 2-3 percent. The Fukushima radiation increase the risk for lungcancer based on this statement to 1-2 percent.

Active smooking do increase the risk to 1 500 percent and even passive smooking is not healthy.

As well as other risks it has to be meat at a senseable level.

With this as a background can you tolerate the nuclears relatively danger or not. Wind Power worldwide do kill more people yearly than the nuclear do have during its all lifelength.

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