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Hog cholera crisis worsens in Japan; SDF sent to contain virus


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I love how the SDF are always dispatch to any emergencies at any moment of time. Proud of them.

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Prior to the latest outbreak, Japan had only seen hog cholera in 1992 and declared the virus eradicated in 2007.

Right, like with other viruses that are supposedly "eradicated" here, both human and animal, the government has let it's guard down thinking they are immune from it coming back.

Prevention is not a word in the vocabulary of the government here! It nearly always is too little too late and most troublesome, AFTER the fact!

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I love how the SDF are always dispatch to any emergencies at any moment of time. Proud of them.

Right, and if the article is to be believed, about the disease not being transferable to humans even after consumption of the meat of the pigs, showing them here in HAZMAT suits does little to reassure the public that it isnt something more serious.

Also noting here, by using the SDF, they are bypassing the local collectives who SHOULD be taking care of this problem from within their own communities, but haven't been diligent in doing their jobs!

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We can see what kind of house the farmer lives in despite the truck loads of money he makes each day. It would make sense to build a better facility for the pigs, but Japanese don’t think like that. They make something, let it rot and shrug off whatever damage their cheapness causes.

Pity the foreign trainees who work in Japanese farms.

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Hog barns have stricter phytosanitary rules than hospitals(by a large margin), thus the hazmat suits.

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This is more serious than they say. The virus can mutate and then attack humans. Elementary biology. Watch any of a number of virus documentaries on YouTube to understand how this happens. Japan should be very worried about this.

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Why do we inject vaccines ?

If food containing vaccines along the trails

Was the answer all along.

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and yet another outbreak, I've lost count over the years, "food safety Japan" takes another beating. thankfully we can now purchase safer meats from countries like Australia & NZ which have almost zero outbreaks in the last 40 yrs due to their strong quarantine standards. thanks TPP

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The article suggests that wild hogs have been transmitting the disease to farm hogs. An interesting possibility. Given the expense of containing the disease once it gets into farm raised hogs, sounds like it would be cost-effective to spend a lot of money getting rid of the disease in the wild animals.

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