Hokkaido confirms 200 daily coronavirus cases for 1st time


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P. Smith you are so right. It seems many people are only looking at the death rates and thinking that things are getting better. But there are still so many unknowns about the long term effects of the virus, that is a real cause for concern. When you get the seasonal flu, you get sick, maybe quite sick for a week or so, but recover with no after effects. This virus is different.

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The numbers and slope of increase looks worse than March/April.

There was a time several months ago when I thought the virus would be heading the other direction by now. How wrong I was.

Now the jump to minks and back to people in a form which is more difficult for the body to fight is a bit alarming.

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It just keeps climbing. Same as everywhere. But we shouldn't be surprised as the experts did warn us of a second wave in the fall and winter. The whole world should be prepared.

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mask needs to go over entire face which includes the nose!

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Ohh Hokkaido is so beautiful.

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My boss just came back from a business trip to Hokkaido yesterday, and he said, everything is as usual.

Just wear mask, wash hands, use sanitizers and keep social distance where it is possible...and then you are safe and you can go on with your daily life.

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Have a new year vacation to Hokkaido booked. Hopefully it won't get canceled.

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Interesting to know how many seasonal influenza cases there are. This year and the last five years.

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Where the temperature is the coldest, the virus will be the mostest...

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Is this mostly Sapporo or Sapporo+Hakodate or Hokkaido as a whole?

Its not yet winter proper in Sapporo and temperatures are only freezing, which will happen across a large part of Japan in the coming weeks. It would be wise to investigate whether there is anything to be learned here.

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To think back around GW, when they closed off outdoor activity areas, like beach, river and mountain campsites and trails, while keeping indoor poorly ventilated places open, albeit at reduced hours.

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On Saturday night izakayas and pubs I drove past were absolutely full with youngsters ( no one wearing masks ) enjoying the food / drink benefits of the Go to Eat.

How are they supposed to enjoy their meals if they're wearing a mask. Enough of the "masks are our saviors" rhetoric, let people live their lives as they wish, if someone is scared too much or at risk? Then that person should stay home.

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Don't worry about your trip.

It will not be canceled.

Go to travel campaign was extended until end of january.

And according the latest news here in "Health", a vaccine from Pfizer is on the way.

Just do your best personal prevention and you will be fine with your trip!

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@Eric Morales

Ohh Hokkaido is so beautiful.

Yes and don't worry! It will stay beautiful!

Corona will not damage the beauty of Hokkaido.

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What's the solution for that? Send everybody a cheap fan on taxpayers dime? Dentsu could be put into charge of distribution.

Please don't give them ideas.

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Open a window. Already my neighbours have their homes shuttered up 24/7.

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Please be extra careful everyone, emerging evidence suggests being infected with both sarscov2 and flu virus increases chances of severe symptoms and more than doubles chances of death.

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flu virus increases chances of severe symptoms

In my opinion, people should take the flu (Influenza) vaccine.

I am in a lucky position, my Vaccination is next week. Medical staff will come to my company and all employees get the Influenza vaccine for free.

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What's the solution for that? Send everybody a cheap fan on taxpayers dime? Dentsu could be put into charge of distribution.

Please don't give them ideas.

It's Hokkaido and people stay in rooms to get warm

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In my opinion, people should take the flu (Influenza) vaccine.


Got mine last Saturday

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Please get the flu vac and take precautions, do not play with this or listen to "oh its just a flu" it has been proven that its not.

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@montyYour employers are leaving it a bit late. The flu vaccine should be given as early as possible, waiting until flu season is not good practice.

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Your employers are leaving it a bit late

I agree!

But I am working in a 100% japanese managed company, so you can imagine how slow things are going on here.

But my kid and wife got it already a few weeks ago.

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it sees no problems with users perpetually eating for free by earning 1000 points and using those points for their next 1000 yen meal 

I didn't know you could do that. Thanks for the info.

Government subsidies that encourage positive behaviour are good. There is something wrong though when subsidies are so high that you feel stupid for not using them.

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Could the rising number of cases be an unwanted impact of the Go To Trouble programme?

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...I just wish people from other prefectures would stop coming here, and people from Sapporo would stop frolicking all over the rest of Hokkaido.

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