Hokkaido quake death toll rises to 30; power restored, flights resume

By Haruka Nuga

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@hooktrunk2, I was in Sendai for 3/11 and in Kumamoto in April two years ago when it got a double hit. I'm not a resident of Japan, but a lover of the country with several friends and their families who I visit every year. Seems, sometimes at least, I'm there for some pretty serious disasters. And I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. Except for witnessing the grief.

@gelandestrasse, I didn't say I was cancelling. My friends and family are a lot more worried than me. I've always said that when the time comes, the time comes. Buddha said the same thing.

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Really sad news. The landslides are so deadly no matter what triggers them. Still, I wouldn't cancel a trip in winter over this.

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TrevorPeace, If you live in Japan, you can't hide from Earthquakes. I'm not sure anyplace is safe from them and in the mountains, while there is always a chance for a landslide, who thought it would fall like it did. I'm just glad that this quake didn't hit during the winter.

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There's a sad irony in that スピード落とせ sign.

TrevorPeace - By February, there will be hardly any aftershocks, and with all that pent-up energy under the ground recently released, you are probably even less likely than normal to experience a large earthquake.

People from Sapporo will be carrying on their lives as normal, so I think you should still make that trip.

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Can't imagine the possibility of far more fatalities if this had happened during morning rush hour. And it's almost enough to make me cancel my trip to the Snow Festival. Almost. Must keep an eye on hotels.

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Oh boy! there is some muck to shift!

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