Hokkaido races to secure power supplies before cold weather sets in

By Osamu Tsukimori and Aaron Sheldrick

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Time to move south , the days of enjoyment are over with power supply ... hunker down where you Northern people can find space

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I spent a winter in Hokkaido right without electric heat, just kerosene heaters. Pockets of the house were literally frozen but we survived. That said, one winter was enough.

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It seems energy management in Hokkaido is as well organized as the production of butter. My sympathies to those who are going without both this winter.

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I am glad they are working to get ready, and needless negativity about the challenges does not help much. I would think it better to encourage them and wish them well.

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They better do something about it. It's getting cold up there already.

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Earthquakes tend to repeat so it ain’t over yet.

I have solar panels and two clean small rivers. Fruit and vegetable garden and there is very good well nearby.

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@alfie. It is us without butter, they keep for themselves. Expect vegetables in Tokyo to double in price.

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They better do something about it. It's getting cold up there already.

This article is literally about them doing something about it, because it's getting cold up there.

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