Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako smile during a visit to a facility in Ama exhibiting the city's traditional craft of cloisonne enamelwork on Saturday. Photo: FNN/YouTube

Imperial couple in Aichi for National Arbor Festival


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Whats an arbor???

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Looks like Masako has chosen not to continue the tipsy tiny hat (which were adorable and the work of one hat maker, I am told) of the previous Empress. Someone is quite great with her hair arrangement, on the other hand. It is good to see her looking pleased and relaxed.

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I agree with Patricia. The empress looks happy and relaxed hope she has an easy time of it

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me too, i always like her a lot.

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Yeah, she looks so much better without those hats. The female members of the family all look the same with the same old-fashioned dress and hats.

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Whats an arbor???

Dude, look it up.

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In other photos, she is wearing those extremely weird hats. Look like cake pan atop a plate. Not particularly flattering. She looks better without that style of hat. How about something that showcased the vibrant Japanese design world, instead? Just no energy in those hats. Anyone else have something to add?

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She looks so happy now. I like to think that now she is top dog she's giving those old dogs who harassed her and made her life a misery after she married, the same kind of hostile, cold and critical treatment. But, she's so lovely, she's above all that.

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