Industry group OKs Tsukiji fish market relocation in Oct 2018


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amid concerns about toxic chemicals at the new site, including benzene up to 100 times the government-set limit detected in groundwater

So suddenly it's all okay now ?...

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A final decision will be made following further talks between the Tokyo government and other industry groups.

so this isn't a decision yet or a meta decision on a decision? How does benzene feel about the decision about a decision decision? Is chemistry taught differently? Are all the fish markets contaminated? How many more insurance "fires" are to be expected?

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Whatever is still in the soil there, it is under at least 6" of concrete and there is probably has 6" of crushed rock under that. Then again, given how many construction firms are "cutting corners" these days . . .

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being a tourist and enjoyed each visit in tsukiji,

benzene caused cancer, will not visit the market after moved. sad to hear that.

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to mtuffizi

Don't worry, the new market will not welcome visitors

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