Insurance claims linked to typhoons in Sept, Oct may top ¥2 tril


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Insurance claims linked to typhoons in September and October may top 2 trillion yen, reports this article. I think the government must spend almost as much for the reconstruction of the typhoon-hit areas. Also, think about the areas devastated by triple disasters in Tohoku.

Under such circumstances, can Trump demand 8 billion dollars to keep U.S. troops in Japan?  Urge Tokyo to go ahead with the Henoko relocation plan with an estimated cost amounting to 2.5 trillion yen?

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People also need low interest government loans to help their reconstruction.

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Here's a crazy idea:

stop paying billions subsidising coal, which clearly contributes to this issue, and instead use the money to help compensate those most effected by the damage.

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In fiscal 2018 ended March, reinsurance rates increased from 15 percent to 25 percent due to Typhoon Jebi, and major Japanese insurers are likely to raise home insurance fees beyond fiscal 2020 given the costs associated with the typhoons this year, it said.

Increased from 15 to 25%? Is this mean to say increased by 15% to 25%? No-one pays 15% to insure their home.

Expect more expensive and stricter insurance in the future. Buildings of a certain age or level of construction will probably become uninsurable.

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Insurance claims linked to two powerful typhoons that hit Japan in September and October may exceed 2 trillion yen,

Yes, but how much will insurance companies ACTUALLY pay out??

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Increased from 15 to 25%? Is this mean to say increased by 15% to 25%? No-one pays 15% to insure their home.

Increased by between 15 to 25%.

So for every ¥100 you paid in premiums up to now, the insurance companies will be demanding anything from ¥115 to ¥ 125.

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That's what I thought, and it's going up again. Chalk it down to collective irresponsibility over the climate.

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It's not too late to save our planet, watch the BBC doc" our planet" to see what you can do, climate change can be halted.

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"climate change can be halted" ????

the triumph of hope over experience...

All too busy chasing the dollar so they can wear Nikes on the weekends, to care about their descendants.

Alas! No cure for lack of brain...

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