JAL plane skids off taxiway, closing part of Narita Airport


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Deja vu

I've just been in this place before

Higher on the street

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Cold here too.  Breathalyze the pilot!

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Imagine the smell inside that plane, OMG.

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Did they reinstate that last pilot who couldn't pass the breathalyzer test????

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A ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seat until the plane comes to OH S...

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Ones arriving for a holiday can write home about their exciting start

and ones returning home can say the ending was full of excitement.

no serious injuries.

Thankfully just minor injuries. Hopefully just bumps and bruises from being bumped around as it went off the runway.

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Given recent events, the first question I have to ask is whether the pilot was intoxicated.

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What?! Pilot at fault?  Nobody here blaming Boeing (the same manufacturer who built the much-maligned V-22 Osprey and 737-MAX) for building a "defective airplane that skids on the runway"?!  Of course the pilot was probably trained by Boeing, too.

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The cause of the accident was not immediately clear but public broadcaster NHK said one of the plane's tires may have slipped on a rare patch of snow on the taxiway.

The country's weather agency has forecast light snow in part of the Kanto region in eastern Japan, including the area around Narita. Television footage showed some snow lingering on the ground at the airport 

Hey, it is possible the pilot was not drunk.

no serious injuries

How could there have been any injuries at all if the plane successfully landed, and everyone was still strapped in their seats as the plane was off the runway and now moving slowly along the taxiway? Some impatient people were already up grabbing their luggage when the plane suddenly lurched? I've seen people do this more than once.

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What smell are you referring to?

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Had the pilot been drinking?

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