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Japan's new COVID assessment criteria to focus on hospital capacity


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Hopefully they use realistic numbers in their estimates, such as what if every ambulance trying to deliver a patient in critical need were actually accepted into the hospital...

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So a plan that should have been made a year ago is now coming to light. And how long will it take to actually be implemented?

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Japan is irresponsible country where nobody took responsibility despite repeated cruel situation that many patients couldn't hospitalize and died at home one after another since last January.

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Since the new treatments that are available work only if taken soon after infection, I wonder if they'll get rid of barriers to testing.

When I say barriers, I mean stupid requirements to inform workplaces, schools, kindergartens, etc.. that you have taken a test, regardless of the outcome. Covid stigma is still a strong disincentive for anyone to even find out if they have the disease.

These are official requirements of stupid municipal governments that the central government should put a stop to.

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"The situation (this summer) was that (people) died while waiting at home without being hospitalized. The biggest philosophy is not to repeat that situation," he said.

Is this Japan or a Third Wold Country?

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Sometimes Japan seems like they really have their act together as far a vaccinations go. Other times it seems like people have the same stupid anti-vax let me play Russian roulette with my life attitude that permeates the U.S. Still in Japan the people are not stacking up in the hospitals and the morgue like cord wood. So the Japanese are not as stupid as they are in the U.S.

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Dr tom

The government in Japan is just as dumb as the USA .

The difference is the general population in Japan are healthier and more health conscious .

The diet has alot to do with it

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Data needed. The number of tests. The number of cases. The number of deaths. The number of vaccinations.

All of which are readily on line from various sources.





just to name a few.

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"The situation (this summer) was that (people) died while waiting at home without being hospitalized. The biggest philosophy is not to repeat that situation," he said.

Is this Japan or a Third Wold Country?

To answer your question, Japan is a first world country dealing with a pandemic. Can you name one country that did not have problems or could have done better during the pandemic . The US? The UK? Who? By the way, Japan was not the only country where people died at home with Covid:

 nearly 10,000 people have died in their home due to COVID-19 as of Sept. 12, according to the provisional death count from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Is this America or a Third World Country?

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Therapeutic treatment in early stages of COVID can keep many out of the hospital. How much is it being utilized?

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Geez these Muppets are sharp as bowling balls! 2 years in and they've decided to do what should've been done on day 1 ???!!!

In their defence looks like most Govts have had the same issue!

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4 levels ,? Really ? Please ... Tokyo has a capacity of about 200 beds which if compared to it's population equals to 0.

Level 4 signifies that hospitals are no longer able to deal with COVID-19 patients even if they reduce general medical services.

This is true even today. Only If and only when Japan finds more doctors and hospitals willing to treat covid discussing this would make sense. It really only takes a day to reach capacity.

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Japan's new criteria to assess the COVID-19 situation

And the original criteria was?

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It took a year and half.. A year and half. And how long before they implement it countrywide?

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Japan's new criteria to assess the COVID-19 situation will shift focus more on hospital capacity rather than the number of new infections

FINALLY some common sense returns! Hospital capacity is the the parameter that makes any sense. I so tired of these daily "kansen kakukunin" figures which only reflect testing of persons with symptoms, which is completely meaningless.

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If the government knew all about covid like JT posters do, they would have implemented this measure even before the pandemic

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Most important things must get done ✔accurately .

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Seems like a sensible plan. Most governments (except Australia and NZ, which rightly kept their populations locked down and banned from international travel, but have since, wrongly, deviated that strategy) really had a great plan from the start. Plans evolve over time. Increasing the supply of hospital beds, offering vaccinations and keeping the economy functioning sounds right for Japan.

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