Japan's 1st typhoon research institute opens in Yokohama


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As much as the govt talks about reviving the countryside and bringing jobs into them, they never take the opportunity to locate new ministries, universities or research centers there.

Why didn't they locate this place where typhoons actually hit the most, like Kochi or Okinawa?

This was another wasted opportunity to increase employment and attract young people to the provinces and once again centralizing everything in Tokyo or Kanto.

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Their first?? They can open a few more, and even put them in actual locations of need outside Kanto

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I really hope that Japan shows it’s leader ship in the field. Also look forward to making the developments happen and success in real for near future.

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They should test if detonating nuclear weapons in a typhoon will stop it.

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Most excellent. No matter where they locate it. Though by necessity it has to be within the area where academics, scientists and support staff live. Revival of the rural areas is not the point of the institute. That, quite simply, will not happen by government fiat or planning. It would require re-formulating the body social and would be an underlying social movement over generations. Which, from notable examples within our region, is happening slowly and purposefully and has an element of 'counterculture' - though educated, skilled, practical and intentional. Alongside business savvy and small, local, independent entrepreneurship.

The concept of plopping down an institution in a rice field way down yonder in the paw-paw patch is a recipe for failure. Locating it in an area with proper resources, which are intellectual, academic and scientific is a basic determinant - hence Kanto and Kansai.

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First, close them all in and throw the key away…lol It’s crazy and contradicting, wanting to avoid or weaken typhoon’s force and at the same time stating they could be then a source for renewable energy. ROFL

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I'm a bit stunned that Japan doesn't already have a dedicated typhoon research institute. I mean, they are guaranteed typhoons every year! Well, better late than never, I guess.

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More money into the government hole, I mean how much work from day to day can you do on this?

I bet most of them will be surfing the internet all day.

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Typhoons are the worlds Air cleaners and they want to destroy them with ice?

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The money is handed out at Kasumigaseki and Japan is very much a face-to-face society. No joy for Kochi and Okinawa.

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Pie in the sky,i have weather radio, our weather give us a head up on bad weather, this is an example Google NWS Miami Florida

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