Japan's hay fever season to start early due to warm winter


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Guy in the background wearing his mask ALL wrong LOL

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@limosine ... I've seen a doctor in India do this in a Netflix documentary (face palm).

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Hay fever is an unfamiliar word for Japanese. It is popularly known here as "kafunsho" - pollen allergy. I think it does not generate fever.

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This early allergy season could make the spread of this Coronavirus much more of a concern since people will be sneezing constantly and projecting everything into the air plus you know they will touch their faces. Hopefully it doesn't happen as this article states or it could go from bad to worse quickly.

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Well if they stopped planting 1,000s of pollen generating trees Instead of non pollen generating trees there is a huge possibility 90% of the population will be fine. Of course the pharmaceutical companies would be upset. And pay less tax. Government revenue down. But people's lives are not the governments concern. Starts early, starts late,masks and Alergy pills, tissues it's a big Buisness. Big earner for for the government. Last year they tax payed subsidised the planting of 100,000 trees. Apparently the timber industry can't survive without the subsidies nor can the pharmaceutical industry or the government revenue stream.

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However, strangely enough the number of workers in forestry work is at the lowest level in Japan ever.

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limosine-Indeed haha. I assume that he has lived quite tough life damn

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