Japan Medical Association to send senior official to N Korea


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Sounds hopeful but one can never be sure with that Kim in power.

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good start

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Personally, I'm of the opinion that this is a good thing. Where antagonists, be that NK vs JP or NK vs SK or SK vs JP , are better off by keeping the extremely divisive topics in abeyance and nurture the ones which forster peace and harmony. In time, people blessed with solomonic wisdom will solve the hot potato issues. There are, still, a few good men, I believe.

I've heard people on this forum and elsewhere disparage other posters, but ALL of us just have different ways of screening the world. If we would just understand that just because one doesn't share your political views isn't stupid - they might be but so might you be , therefore dialogue - in this case between JP and NK or any other antagonists, provides for that space of peace between the two hardened extremes where the ships might wreck. Dialogue.

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its time to recoginize NK and establish embassy level diplomacy. the kidnappings is a sting but I'm sure Japan has way more chips on the negotiation table

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