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Japan aims to achieve full barrier-free access at major stations, airports by 2020


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Looks like the hallway on the train is a bit thin.

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It's for unicycle wheelchairs.

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Need more manner posters, at stations anyone with a rolling bag uses the lifts and ignores the priority use people.

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Touching on the 2016 stabbing rampage in Sagamihara, near Tokyo, in which a former worker at a care home for the mentally disabled killed 19 residents, believing "the disabled should be eradicated," the government said in the plan it will bolster security measures at such facilities.

This is SO out of place in this article! Again poor reporting!

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Agreed, it seems a bit odd on Kyodo's part to crowbar that atrocity into this otherwise interesting story.

But yes, good work and let's hope more access is given to disabled people when it comes to public transport.

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3 meter wide door... 80 cm wide hallway.

Uhm, I think they need to refine their plans a little.

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It looks like lovely sleeper carriage. Another wonderful thing to experience in Japan.

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My guess is the barrier-free access room is the first in the carriage so, theoretically, there's no need for a wheelchair bound person to go down the corridor. Too bad if more rooms are required, but physics. You can only do so much with the space allowed. Note that the other regular rooms share the same width. I would suppose the entire carriage is designed for couple or families, single travellers probably sleep in a carriage designed solely for them.

It looks like lovely sleeper carriage. Another wonderful thing to experience in Japan.

I've yet to ride in one, but there are some truly elegant looking trains here. Maybe one day...

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I was in Tokyo station actually twice this past week. After using several escalators, I reached a point where there were only stairs ahead. They had a sign in English, hand made, of which was nice of them to do the artistic look, was at the gate at wheelchair level telling you only stairs from this point on.

This meant that any wheelchair bound person that got to there via elevator or for the brave wheeler using escalators, they had to get a refund, go back and exit and find another route.

It was a through ticket gte by the way where your ticket could pass through.

Had the same situation in the fall pulling a heavy small kiln on a cart. Had to keep getting refunds and be redirected...often out of the way in order to get to an elevator of escalator. (I was able to handle it on an escalator, but way too heavy for long stairs.)

I do not think they will pull it off at all.

In the train car shown, I hope the toilet was at the end of the car where the handicap room was.

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