A TV shows the J-Alert early warning system for a missile launch on Tuesday morning. Photo: AP/Eugene Hoshiko

Japan apologizes for J-Alert malfunction after N Korea missile launch


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Japan is falling back to the Dark Ages.

These political dynasty 'elites' who have never actually had to do anything for themselves are taking this proud island country down a back lane that is one-way.

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In contrary, the malfunction in this case was not the additional information to a few other areas but not informing all of Japan by J-Alert. If the NK claim was true that it was a modern hypersonic type missile with maybe an unpredictable trajectory, any place could have been hit potentially, the same btw if there had been a simple unforeseen malfunction of their missiles.

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Is there English text on the J-Alert system ?

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Should NK really target somewhere like Yokohama or Tokyo, how long in reality would residents have in order to seek shelter ?

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I wonder, why the Aegis system wasn't activated in order to shoot down that Missile ?

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By the time the alert is broadcast, your tv, smartphone has melted to your face.

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Launching a missile over sovereign territory is a line no nation should be allowed to cross. The ultimate warning system is to wipe North Korea off the map.

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Does someone knows exactly the precision of North Koreans rockets? Is there real capacity of intercepting missiles?

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Today  07:48 pm JST

“ Should NK really target somewhere like Yokohama or Tokyo, how long in reality would residents have in order to seek shelter ? “

IF (and that’s a big if) you are able to immediately see the text message alert that the Japanese government sends you, you’ll have two, three minutes (maybe four).

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The US has been doing much worse with their military drills cutrently and for decades, this after dropping more bombs on NK during the Korean war than in the entire Pacific theater of WWII.

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They make this mistake over, and over, and over again. Then do it again. Maybe get someone with a brain operating on the system.

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Japan just can't get it together

A highly evolved superior nation thats ultra non-sophisticated .

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Does someone know exactly the precision of North Korean rockets?

Well they haven't landed on the moon yet but they can distribute satellites in outerspace.

is there real capacity for intercepting missiles

Yes they have different systems to intercept different missiles depending on what altitude.

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Launching a missile over sovereign territory

The missile launched went way above the Japanese sovereign airspace .

It went up into international space and came down in international waters.

Just because they said it went over Japan many people assume it was in Japanese airspace.

Nobody owns space !

Not at that altitude anyway.

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It was a ballistic missile and not a hypersonic missile.

These two things don't seem to be in opposition to each other. The former is the study of the motion of projectiles, as bullets, shells, whereas the latter is noting or pertaining to speed that is at least five times that of sound in the same medium. I don't know much about missiles whatsoever, but from the meaning of the words, it seems a missile could be both ballistic and hypersonic.

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It was a ballistic missile and not a hypersonic missile.

Hypersonic is a descriptive term. Any missile traveling beyond Mach 5 is considered hypersonic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypersonic_speed ICMBs have been hypersonic since the beginning, as have nearly all ballistic missiles.

An Aerospace Engineer explains the 3 types of hypersonic missiles:


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"Reached 1000km altitude" does not mean that it stayed up there for the entire flight. There is no information regarding how high it was when it passed over Japanese territory. Anyway, it is academic, because firing missiles at another country is extremely provocative and dangerous. It could have malfunctioned and fallen onto Japanese land, risking life and property of Japanese citizens. No one should be testing rockets by firing them at another country's territory, even if they intend for them to fall in the ocean, it is not guaranteed it will do so. I really do wonder about anyone who defends North Korean actions...

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Maybe they should be thanking the Nth koreans for allowing them to test their alert systems which came up faulty! Next time they need to try and shoot the missiles down to see if their defense systems are up to the challenge in a real situation!

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Fear an loathing

I agree it was definitely irresponsible and dangerous for North Korea to be firing missile over Japan yes absolutely concur.

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The fu

Yes the Hwasong 12 is considered supersonic.

They assume it was a Hwasong 12 they said today.

However yesterday they just said ballistic

Not all ballistic are supersonic as some are hypersonic or less than supersonic.

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