Japan battered by more heavy rain, floods; at least 58 dead


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only if those rains could be diverted to places experiencing extreme drought. I hate to bring this up but imagine if the 2020 Olympics was happening when disasters like this was going on in other places in Japan. I'd imagine that it might become a major headache for government officials, rescue personnel and businesses to provide food, shelter and healthcare if a disaster happens near any Olympic arenas.

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In Gero, a man washed down mud at the entrance of his riverside house despite the evacuation advisory. "I was told to run away and my neighbors all went, but I stayed," he said. "I didn't want my house to be washed away in my absence."

I have heard of going down with the ship but never the house!

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Battered is a weak term to describe the devastation out there. The first word in the article says it all "pounding"

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The rain last night was insane. It was the first time I've gotten an emergency warning for landslides in my area.

I always felt safer living in a hilltop community in heavy rain because of the unlikelihood of flooding. But, now I have something else to be concerned with.

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"I didn't want my house to be washed away in my absence."

How exactly are you going to stop that happening? Evacuate and reduce the risk and workload of the emergency services.

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This is only going to get worse as global warming progresses. And they think it's a good idea to hold the Olympics in Japan in July and August. Sheesh.

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Praying for the disaster victims and their families. Please stay well and safe from harm.

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I know exactly where this picture was take, as my good friend likes not to far away, in Tajimi, I wonder if any one is using the out side onset near the river in the Gero town!!! jees, that is the main road in and out of this area its going to be a nightmare for any one traveling in that area. stay safe folks, I think I better ring my friend tomorrow morning!

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