Japan carries out drills on annual Disaster Prevention Day


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Even with all these drills and contingency plans the wheels fell of the infrastructure pretty quickly in the 2011 quake. The Toei-Oedo line in Tokyo is supposed to be for emergency services to get around the city in a disaster, which is why it built so deep underground, but it was one of the first lines to stop. I saw people running under canvas awnings for protection in one of the aftershocks, even though these same people have had drills on earthquake safety for most of their lives. These drills do give emergency services a chance to hone their skills, but the masses need much better education. Next time you are chatting with a Japanese person ask them if they know what 'the triangle of life' is? If you don't know what it is, you should ask Google sensei because it will save your life in a strong earthquake. Getting under a table is just an outdated and totally daft idea.

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ask them if they know what 'the triangle of life' is? If you don't know what it is, you should ask Google sensei 

I had a vague recollection of the 'triangle of life', but I wasn't sure so I did ask Mr. Google. He didn't seem to think it was a very good idea.

What's Wrong With the "Triangle of Life" Theory? - Totally Unprepared

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JT, why does your URL link thingy not work?

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Indeed. It seems there is much controversy about the triangle of life theory based on the top results of a google search.

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I'd rely on the triangle of life in front of a solid TV stand rather than hiding under an IKEA dinner table.

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Double post :-(

The statistics from the US emergency services show that many more survivors are found in the triangle than in any other area of a collapsed home. That puts any controversy far away from my beliefs.

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The triangle of life seems sensible at first read and raises a lot of interesting points but a large number of reliable sources (incl those below) have said they put more faith in the traditional drop, cover and hold. After reading both sides I have to say that I personally disagree with most of the triangle of life theory.

Of course, if all you have to hide under is a card table it's obviously not going to protect you though, we need to be sensible. One interesting takeaway from the debate is that although doorways used to be built much stronger than the surrounding walls, in modern homes they no longer are. (video auto-plays)

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based on the scenario of a magnitude-7.3 quake occurring directly under the capital

experts say M9+...

triangle of life only works if the triangle is strong and sturdy and doesn't just slip down.

in an earthquake i always open doors first, and stay away from glass windows. then hide under the strongest structure, be it a triangle or what ever.

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Wouldn't it be easier/faster to have the yellow emergency vehicle on the left to have some big grill guard like those beefed up off road vehicles and push the car?

The blue uniform actually reminds me Ultraman.

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triangle of life: drop, cover, hold on. It will not work if you drop, cover, hold on to an IKEA table. It is a guideline, but definitely better than running outside where you are more likely to be hit by falling objects - we need to be sensible. My office also did our disaster drill last Friday and normally people ignore it and/or find it a nuisance. But when a disaster does occur, like the 2011 earthquake those same people who do not participate are the first ones who complain.

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Why is it called "Disaster Prevention Day?"  I think "Response to a Disaster Day'' is more defining as to what is happening.

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I can understand some of the comments here, though you could argue the same for the Battle games played out by the Military - why do you think they do that, (at our great expense... those missiles dont come cheap).

Where Practice is useful, is when we learn from it.

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