Japan cat lovers give ¥207 million to kidney research


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Nice to see an effort being made to do more research on this as it can affect a lot of cats over a certain age. Maybe these Japanese cat lovers will also address the hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs that are gassed to death in shelters. Something like 80 - 90% of these animals are 'euthanized' in shelters because people are permitted to abandon their pets quite easily often for the most selfish reasons. Sadly very few are adopted and Japan has one of the highest rates in the world.

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That's meow-rrific!

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I lost two family cats to kidney problems. Bless all those who donated for this.

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Good to hear stories like this. Lots of NPOs are doing their best to find foster homes and are working with community kats for TNR. Unfortunately, from what I've seen on Japanese TV and advertisement, they usually treat the cats as "cute commodities" which contribute to fad buying and not forever home adoptions. There are also reported cases of cats being abused and murdered; I wish the media would portray the reality of our feline friends and educate the public.

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Kawaii- purrrhfect !

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Good work, I wish the team the best of luck. There are several band foods available on the market now that helps the kidneys from becoming clogged and keeps the urinary tracks open, if you wish to get these items please google cat food with urinary tracks care. good luck

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Here's a link to a Tokyo U article about Miyazaki-sensei's research

The article has a link to enable donations:

If you click the link, the following should automatically selected:

Prof. Miyazaki: Research on treatment of feline kidney diseases "宮崎徹教授の猫の腎臓病治療薬研究" under supported project "支援プロジェクト".

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That mama cat looks very proud of her children.

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As a cat lover myself, I think that's purr-ific news.

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A cat and a book is all you need in life!

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A cat and a book is all you need in life!

CATSSS. More then one

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Maybe better research on cat food could solve this problem...cats say remove excessive preservatives..

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How about dogs lovers.

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