Japan consider extra $700 mil payment for U.N. vaccine program


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The Sputnik vaccine, which continually is alluded to in numerous posts. R U S S I A: 4.3% of the population is fully vaccinated. Put a cork in it.

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How about asking the taxpayers if they want to give this money to others?

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And Japan still hasnt realized that no matter how much money they pay. They will not be part of group of friends (Permanent Member of UN Security Council). As Japan gets less influential in the world with the progression of time. The further and further away that dream will be. Nihon Gambare. Iminai-kedo.

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I had a friend once that would go to the bar every weekend and buy drinks for everyone. Looking to buy friends as he did not know how to make real ones. In the end he was just weird and uncomfortable to hang around. Just didnt know how to be genuine and have fun. Japan is basically that odd friend that no one really wants to be around.

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WHAT!!!! How can you help someone else when you can't help yourself?

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Wow they throwing money around like no tomorrow, maybe they know something we dont ?

Disgusting when they cant even vaccinate their own population and the U.N is a rotten corrupt bunch guess where that money is really going.....

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"while this is admirable and should be applauded, it would be also nice to see the j-gov doing SOMETHING about the state of affairs at home."

In other words, Japan first.

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The crazier thing is that the Japanese public gobble this PR up! UN! Sugoiii

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UN should return the money immediately back to Japan and tell them to finance a vaccine roll out with the money

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Japan can't afford it, they need to cancel the olympics first and that money can be used to kick out the IOC

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But Japan appears to be a developing country, so why not spend it here?

Japan hasn't developed in the 20 years I've been here, why start now?

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Lol what is the UN going to do. Man Japanese politicians are clueless about the world. would be waste of 700Mil. A black pit.

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Sputnik v is cheap. Effective. Available. but...

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1.8 billion doses of foreign doses of what Europe did come up with,

good choice.

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Some things never change.

Japan is seen as a piggy bank for most countries

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Take care of the J- taxpayers who pay your and your I'll,s salary you senile dill.

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Seems the best way to secure supplies is to donate to the covax program

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You know what would be more helpful? Just donate the vaccines sitting in your storage that you won't use anyways, and will undoubtedly expire and be wasted. Then pass the money to the people, and have us personally import the vaccines from overseas. Even that method will be much more efficient than what the Japanese government is doing now, which I can guarantee would never exceed 300,000 doses a day average on a weekly basis

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Charity starts at home !!!

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Japan is considering an additional payment of up to $700 million to the Covax Facility, a U.N.-backed program intended to ensure a fair supply of coronavirus vaccines in developing countries, government sources said.

Great. Maybe Japan will get a few more shots!

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Money for themselves, money for the already rich or some closed businesses, money for the rest of the world, but no money for the own people who are affected most by the pandemic. That might be coming near to a boiling point very soon and very quickly.

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while this is admirable and should be applauded, it would be also nice to see the j-gov doing SOMETHING about the state of affairs at home.

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But Japan appears to be a developing country, so why not spend it here?

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