Japan launches rocket carrying cargo vessel for space station


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Good job.

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Good job. Finally japan can be taken seriously

I dont think people arent taking Japan seriously, but they certainly arent going to be any people on their rockets until they can get the probability of successful launches much higher, as far as affordability japan has a ways to go before it can be competively priced like its Russian, European American rivals.

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I dont think people arent taking Japan seriously

Ask the same questions to the astronauts and cosmonauts that are presently residing on ISS and you will get a complete opposite answer.

Without the Konotori series half of the missions on ISS will not be possible.

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After a lot of disappointments these recent well-earned successes must be sweet for the hard working JAXA engineers.

Well done fellas!!!


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Japan has just shown the world that it has missile launch capabilities. Don’t mess with Japan, Mr. Kim.

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these recent well-earned successes must be sweet for the hard working JAXA engineers...

H2A and H2B rockets have been very successful, indeed.

H2A 2001 - Current  39 Launches 1 Failure (2003): Success Rate 97.4%

H2B 2009 - Current   7 Launches 0 Failure: Success Rate 100%

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Nation states are being left behind by entrepreneurial enterprises, like Space X and Electron, for a fraction of the money the firms have produced reusable and/or cheap access to space. Only a nation state could gather the necessary resources and personnel to make such a thing work.

Perhaps nation states should buy Falcon 9 block 5s for their own use. They will soon be human rated and being reusable they would be cheaper to fly. Even if the Falcon Heavy never gets human rated, it can still loft a transfer ship into LEO and a Falcon 9 can bring the crew up.

That way Japan could get people into space and onto the Moon for a fraction of the money. To get a Moon base up and running. Because as we all know, The first one on the Moon with a gun... will own it, (Or at least that part of it, depending on the size of the gun).

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Since WW2 everyone takes Japan seriously except China.

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Good day for JAXA. Successful deployment of the Hayabusa2 Rovers as well as the successful launch of the H-2B.

The H-2B payload includes the proof of concept experiment for the space elevator. Can't wait to see those results.

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Good job, JAXA!

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to wtf person above, your're hilarious. europe nor the usa have manned rocket capabilities at the moment.

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GoodlucktoyouSep. 23  04:09 pm JST

Good job.

To be brutally honest, I have not often found myself agreeing with the comments you post in this forum. 

However, I totally agree with what you have said on this occasion; it is an irrefutable fact, as evidenced by the number of other 'commenters' echoing your sentiment.

Unfortunately, your +Vote Up button seems to be frozen, so I can't also register my support for your comment in that way. 

Also, the fact that three people, from the outset, down-voted your comment, suggests to me that some individuals in this forum judge comments, not by what has been said, as much as, by who said it.

Very sad.

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"H2A 2001 - Current  39 Launches 1 Failure (2003): Success Rate 97.4%"

Sounds good until you realize that failure means death if there are any passengers on the rocket. So at present there's a one chance in 39 that you will die. Not comforting. Yes, space travel will be dangerous for decades to come. I salute the brave men and women who risk their lives to advance space travel.

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