Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako bow in front of the altar for victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami at a national memorial service at the National Theatre in Tokyo on Thursday. Photo: Behrouz Mehri/Pool via AP

Japan marks 10 years since earthquake, tsunami


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What a few days that was. Thousands washed away in moments, nuclear facilities exploding, it felt as though the whole island was going to slide into the sea.

I remember that night was about -9 where I live. Without gas, water or electricity families were keeping warm in their cars and watching the news with disbelief on their car navis.

Since 3/11 even small earth tremors make my heart race.

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A day never to be forgotten, I remember waking upto watching the news on NHK and just sitting there in total disbelief. it still bring back strong memories and emotions, going to visit Iwata and the surrounding areas are still on my bucket list.

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Hoping such tragedy does not happen again.

The japanese people do not deserve another catastrophe as the 3/11 was.

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Never forget.

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Watched the BBC, more reliable than NHK, I still after 10 years tear up when I watch it unfold. So many people died, it's one of those moments in life you never forget. Tearing up now. It's all so heartbreaking.

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Without gas, water or electricity families were keeping warm in their cars and watching the news with disbelief on their car navis.

Since 3/11 even small earth tremors make my heart race."

Precisely how I spent first 3 or 4 nights after the quake....the experience is one of those that will never leave you. Hopefully none of us go through anything like that again.

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Prayers for victims.

What I can do personally is keep learning and improving.

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Remember it like yesterday. There are many tragic stories but some of others not involving death are just as tragic. People walking all night to get to Chiba from Tokyo. Buildings hitting each other in central Tokyo. Thousands of people sleeping in their offices.

The thing I remember most is the depression in Tokyo over the following days. I would change trains at Funabashi on my way to work going through a passageway. Prior to the quake people would be running through the passageway. In the days after the quake nobody was running. Everybody had their heads down in a slow trudge through the passageway.

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It will keep shaking the grounds and bringing in the waves after people almost feel safe.

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Dothehustle, walking home and sleeping in offices were hardships, not tragedy.

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Hard to believe it's a full ten years since this dreadful day.

When the quake hit, I was stuck nearly 80 km from my wife and 7-year-old daughter, with all train lines down, phone service patchy, and no idea how I was going to get back to where my little girl was scared and wanted her dad. I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Only many hours later, when I found the last hotel room in Fujisawa, I finally got to see the true extent of the devastation on TV, and then did I realise how lucky my family had been.

So many thousands never got to see their loved ones again.

Cherish every second you get with those you love. Tomorrow is promised to no-one.

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"We all are living, carrying the sadness in our hearts," Akiyama, 53, said.

So are some of us. We sing our painful hymns in silence...and in total darkness....with our eyes firmly shut...lest we remember you...the other you.

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After fearing such an event for years I was lucky enough to be overseas when this one struck. But I will never forget watching it on the news as it happened and all of the stories from my friends and family who were in Japan at the time. I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like.

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Time waits for no one, it never stands still. One thing that can not be found when its lost and that is life!

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From all New Zealanders: Your Pain is Shared by All Kiwi's.

Stay Strong.

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Ten years later, more than 40,000 people are still unable to return home in and around Fukushima, where areas near the wrecked plant are still off-limits due to radioactive contamination.


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I remember that awful day. I was at a VA clinic and it was on the TV. Haiti had been socked by a bad earthquake just 2 months before.

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