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Japan pledges $2.9 bil for universal health coverage


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WTF Abe? 1 in 6 Japanese children live in poverty, why is this money being spent on other nations?

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1 in 6 Japanese children live in poverty,......

Where does that figure come from?

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Where does that figure come from?

UNICEF https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20171214/k10011258011000.html

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Should probably be giving it to America since they don't seem to care too much about their own when it comes to healthcare.

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More money being printed and thrown away overseas.  While healthcare here is average at best.  Folks living in poverty.  Fukushima.  Budget deficit.  etc etc.

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You got to be kidding. At first I thought this was going to be a new thing for Japanese people. If we as citizens in Japan can't pay the monthly health insurance we are out of luck, yet the Gov. can give 2.9 billion dollars to strangers in other countries.

Doesn't Abe know that there are many people in poverty in Japan who are unable to make payments in to the pension fund and health system ?

" At present, the WHO aims to ensure by 2030 that 80% of the population of developing countries have access to basic health services and that no one falls into poverty due to out-of-pocket expenses on health care." WHAT ABOUT HERE

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Now come on home to Japan, Abe, and tell us all about how there's no money and we have no choice but to raise taxes again. How many billions now has Abe given away?

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when I (repeatedly) read about Mr. Abe's largesse, I'm reminded of George Carlin's phrase "…people buying stuff they don't need, with money they don't have…" in Abe's case I wonder what it is he thinks he's buying with the money Japan doesn't have, that world-leaders embrace him as one of them? I don't think he should hold his breath. or is it just that he cares deeply about the less fortunate of this world?

since his lack of concern for the less fortunate amongst his fellow Japanese is obvious, that seems unlikely.

still, there must be a vast untapped market for drugs out there, support the Japanese drug industry and all that. warms the heart doesn't it….

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Japan's continued plummeting into debt combined with a protectionist marketplace a health system that requires 10 years to approve a new drug. Already proven in 1st world countries. And he splashes out more money's?...for health care in other countries. don't think he knows or probably doesn't care that yes 1 in 6 children live below the poverty line in Japan. And many adults obviously but as the finance minister said ¥100 yen cup noodles are the way to go. New missiles no problem but raising living standards in Japan that's not an option, this man boy is so out of touch with his people's needs.

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Absurd acts to perpetuate the illusion of being a major game player. That ship sailed already abe. Youre coming off more like a clown. Tim

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This is just pat of the duty and the bill major countries give to the UN, with the money spent under the UN program.

Nothing new here, it's been like that for decades. It is just an announcement affect by Shinzo.

if it's not spent on health it will be for infrastructure or whatever.

Can not complain that Japan provides support for the World population health

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The pledge, in this case $2.9 billion for universal health coverage for programs as part of the sustainable development goals U.N. members aim to achieve by 2030,  is a loan in bailment to the mutual benefit of both parties. On the semblance that conditions meet that goal.

Beware of wise men baring gifts, other than gold frankincense and myrrh.

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Just keep doling out the cash while Japan suffers. How does anyone put up with this?

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Abe-kun, take care of your own first.

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Man o man... why is it that everyone ( my country included) is giving my money away? I’m a tax payer in Japan and the UK. But all I see is cash being tossed around everywhere but where it’s needed.


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