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Japan reports 121,460 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Tuesday reported 121,460 new coronavirus cases, up 79,036 from Monday. Tokyo reported 12,758 new cases, up 8,139 from Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 17, down two from Monday. The nationwide figure was 263, up four from Monday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 144.

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Still news? Japan is really too peaceful to have nothing else to report except for the daily Covid count.

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Goodness me, it's almost as tough hospitals being closed at weekends has some kind of effect on the number of reported cases.

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Gigantic increase!

Are people in Japan vaccinated? Didn't Dr. Fauci say something relevant to this?

Time to lock it down.

Japan still has no plan.

Economy and health are suffering here.

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Definitely going up and today is a new high for as far back as the graph in toyokeozai shows, deaths too.

Not unexpected as respiratory illnesses cases climb up this time of year

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some 40 deaths were vaccinated as well.

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Open borders & Rising COVID cases.

Coincidence ???

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Open borders & Rising COVID cases.

Coincidence ???

8 waves one after the other - the first 7 the borders were closed, but this 8th wave somehow has something to do with them opening the border? Doubt it very much.

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some 40 deaths were vaccinated as well.

Around 28% if total deaths. Still high but suggests significant vaccine protection compared to none as population vaccination rate (at least 2 jabs) was 76% as of June

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Just came back from abroad btw, plane touchdown to train departure is around 1 hour using the fast track app

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If Japan is to revive its tourism industry, the Covid infection numbers must legitimately come down . . . . there are many areas outside of Japan, eg. California, US where the infection rate is much less . . . . (don't forget to wear masks, and get vaccinated).

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Been out and about today around Kobe, very busy, The sensible majority have chosen to live with Covid, whilst taking any precautions they deem necessary of course.

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RIP 144.

stmannToday  06:27 pm JST

some 40 deaths were vaccinated as well.

Source please ?

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@didou…Source please ?

They won’t provide the sources because it doesn’t exist. They are just conspiracy theorist trolling around with their anti-vaccination crap!

I myself have skipped the 3rd dose but still believe that vaccination save life and don’t go around spending misinformation.

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144 deaths on a single day again is very concerning. Some immediate appropriate measures needed but don’t go back to the idiotic 8pm restaurant closures as we all know that doesn’t work at all. Focus more on proper types of hand disinfectants outsides shops / malls instead of the super heavily diluted ones which are just like 5% alcohol level ( simply ineffective )! Most of these infections spread on crowded trains yet no one including the media ever talks about it and no safety measures are implemented at train stations and trains except requesting the use of masks.

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With so many people wearing masks and 80%vaccinated how is this possible?

I don't know. It must be a miracle.

I hope our in country people are getting used to their masks.

thanks for your cooperation fellas.

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