Japan reports 127,090 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Friday reported 127,090 new coronavirus cases, down 5,975 from Thursday. Tokyo reported 13,556 new cases, down 548 from Thursday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 17, unchanged from Thursday. The nationwide figure was 378, up 15 from Thursday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 228.

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Good to see the numbers falling but yes, stay masked at all times and get your fourth or fifth booster shot asap.

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i think they should reinstate closed borders for those with negative vaccine status, bring back pcr tests for those who have had full vaccination but otherwise keep all other restrictions lifted so citizens and residents can get back to a normal, entirely maskless life sooner.

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An individual I work with is on her 5th booster. She has been feeling unwell for several days. Given that we are close in age, and me having had Covid several times already, I imagine her Covid symptoms wouldn't vary much from what she is experiencing from the booster.

The simple reality is, this policy is a failure. The government is wasting money. They just want to pretend like they cared and have tried everything because the death toll is going to set a new record this winter.

So now that we are at 200 deaths a day, what is the new excuse for the boosters and this policy going to be?

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The simple reality is, this policy is a failure. 

Not necessarily. For one thing, it brought you and 5th booster colleague closer together. Hope 5th gets well soon and thank god for the booster, eh?!

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Maybe you don’t know yet, but only NoCovid is good Covid. You’ll remorse one after the other to only propagate further virus spreading, mutating and exponential growth in numbers by denying the low but necessary and significant merit of wearing masks and getting vaccinated. Harsh NoCovid temporary measures are surely necessary and therefore recommended too, but they highly probable also further won’t find a sufficiently growing intellectual base and majority. So that’s the very bitter part I have to accept in return.

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So now that we are at 200 deaths a day, what is the new excuse for the boosters and this policy going to be?

Possibly, "Get your boosters, pleb, or it will be more than 200 deaths a day" ?

I'm guessing you have access to the parallel universe where an exact copy of Japan exists but without vaccines and masks. How are are they doing over there?

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Everyday I still see people not double masking, and not social distancing in morning rush hour train. Does no one care?

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Only one country tried zerocovid despite it being practically impossible to sustain, and now they are changing their strategy because it has not worked for them. How do you suggest a country can effectively zerocovid their way out of a pandemic without ending up with the same infection rates as other countries which had huge waves despite harsh restrictions and high vaccination rates?

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