People cram into a shopping street in Tokyo on Friday. Photo: AP/Hiro Komae

Japan reports 148,784 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Friday reported 148,784 new coronavirus cases, down 43,279 from Thursday. Tokyo reported 14,525 new cases, down 3,847 from Thursday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 48, up one from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 574, up nine from Thursday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 326.

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Wow. I think the only time I've ever seen a river of people like that was at the Kobe Luminarie.

People cram into a shopping in Tokyo on Friday.


Moderator: Yes, thank you. It has been corrected.

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I was out and about today in Kichijoji and Shinjuku (because I live in Japan) and they were both packed from 10 am. I can see why cases are going up.

Glad people aren't really getting seriously ill (generally speaking). Moving towards the good old days. A pity the middle kingdom has to be the party pooper.

Stay safe Rock fans.

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"Jo-ji" (Sorry, this device has no katakana functionality),

This is Ameyoko-cho in Ueno.

It gets like this around New Years. It's kind of the go to place for crab and that kind of thing.

A bit crowded for me though even masked up and outdoors.

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Big drop in numbers. That's a relief especially in Tokyo judging by that photo.

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This is Ameyoko-cho in Ueno.

You can buy PG tips tea there! (Really)

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I see. Crowds aren't really my thing either (nothing to do with Covid), but it is kind of nice to see a bustling shopping street like that again these days (nothing like that where I am).


Better be careful someone doesn't step on your blue suede shoes, crowds like that.

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Apparently these shots only last a few weeks at most, so I have to wonder whether it's really worth it in the long run. Perhaps if you're a Medical Doctor having them every few weeks may be the right thing to do.... I guess they know best for themselves.

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Severe cases went up by one

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I was expecting a much bigger drop in the number of new cases. This does not bode well for the next week .!. In order to help keep you and loved ones as safe as possible from a negative outcome, if you’re not vaccinated with the SAFE and EFFECTIVE mRNA vaccines, get started asap .!. Obviously the best thing would to do would be avoiding infection entirely, but that’s not reality in the real world! But infection can lead directly to blood clotting which in turn can swiftly lead to a stroke .!. So mask up , vax up .!. Keep you and your family safe.!. Masks , vaccines (mRNA) and social distancing are your best defenses .!.

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@Steven Mccarthy

I agree with you about vaccines but people still can catch it despite being vaccinated. My wife and I had the mRNA vaccines and the wife still got sick. I didn’t. So I guess it’s better than nothing and makes infection less severe.

I don’t know. Has anyone here had covid and also not been vaccinated? Was it bad? I only know vaccinated people who came down with it and said it was pretty mild. I’m honestly curious.

I’m 100% certain masks provide absolutely no protection unless someone is literally going to sneeze in your face. I kind of refuse to use a mask unless I’m actually asked, which is why I always carry one just in case. It’s too much energy to argue with the Japanese about it so better just to comply.

Social distancing works in theory but is basically a lost cause if you live in any major city and rely on public transport or actually want to live any semblance of a life.

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Has anyone here had covid and also not been vaccinated?

Had Covid, completely unvaccinated. Minor sore throat for two days. Originally undecided on whether or not to get the shots, I looked objectively at both arguments and decided to trust in the science - the science of the many expert and eminent scientists and doctors from around the world who have said truth, were censored and ridiculed for it but which has now been proven to be truth.

Severe side effects aside, the latest case numbers and death tolls are evidence that the vaccines largely failed and that our public health officials did not follow the science. Worse, they doubled down on pushing a vaccine-only response which should never have been the only method of attacking covid, and should have only been administered to the elderly and those with severe comorbidities.

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