Japan reports 15,612 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Monday reported 15,612 new coronavirus cases, down 16,847 from Sunday. Tokyo reported 1,105 new cases, down 1,182 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 39, up one from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 406, up one from Sunday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 124.

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Hasn’t been this low since autumn, hope it continues downwards this time instead of curving back up into yet another smaller wave… surely by now the majority of people will have been exposed once or twice.

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96 dead were vaccinated.just to make picture complete.

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and 16 of the 28 unvaccinated may still be with us if they were vaccinated.

and if they drank R-1 20 of them. And with N95 masks 24 of the 28.

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Big drop in numbers almost every day recently, it seems.

Well, I guess we all don’t know anyone who can die multiple times, otherwise we would probably have already got the real picture of that disease.

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What I'm really curious about though is Eastman's source

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Hopefully he posts it

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ask JT to do so.

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ask JT to do so.

Means he got no sources. Fact.

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96 dead were vaccinated.just to make picture complete.

ask JT to do so.

I'm very confused. You're making up numbers that don't exist, state them as fact, and if asked for a source that obviously does not exist either, point the finger at JT? What statement is that supposed to make, what side of any argument does that support? What is the point?

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“96 dead were vaccinated.just to make picture complete.” This shows a basic lack of understanding of statistics. Google ‘base line fallacy’.

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Numbers so low I don’t even need to comment!

oh wait…

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Of course the number of reported infected by covid is in perfect line with the government agenda.

They want the population working to get money for more weapons and wars.

All hail kishida !

May his English become strong and nation prosperous.

King of the buffoons !

All hail kishida !

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*ask JT to do so.*

Means he got no sources. Fact.

Yup seems like it now that's he's saying nothing.

Seems he wants JT to provide the vaccinated stats source then

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They want the population working

Here's a reality check: When it comes to public health, that is always the point for anything that any government does. They want us to be as healthy and productive as possible. Fortunately, that also works out in our favor and aligns with our own goal to stay as healthy and, in our own personal way, productive as possible.

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Eastmans numbers closely match the NSW data for vaccination status and mortality.

unfortunately the powers that be don’t seem to want to spread the word that the current vaccines which were designed for long gone variants are next to useless for the current variants.

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