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Japan reports 190,607 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Wednesday reported 190,607 new coronavirus cases, up 14,646 from Tuesday. Tokyo reported 18.812 new cases, down 988 from Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 22, up three from Tuesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 448, up 17 from Tuesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 244.

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Please take measures to reduce number of infections . . . wear masks, remember social distancing, avoid large crowds, keep up to date regarding medicine . . . .

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Well done China!!!

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18,812 new cases in Tokyo alone? Is this the highest number yet?

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Hand sanitizer / opening windows clearly isn't working.

Dirty hands, closed windows, move on!

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If only we had listened to Xi and lived in an authoritarian dystopia these last two years, we could’ve had a really low death count while people were imprisoned in their homes. You may argue that the death count will just end up being as high as other countries now that china has dropped their strategy and the virus is unleashed on a population with zero natural immunity and poor vaccine efficacy, but think of all the frail and elderly who got the chance to live two more blissful years cut off from friends, family and social stimulation in their beautiful, tower block, shoebox apartments.

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18,812 new cases in Tokyo alone?

... but only 22 hospitalized with severe symptoms...

I don't really care about "cases".

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I don't really care about "cases".

Fortunately people working in public health administration do, as well as anybody even remotely interested in knowing how the pandemic is behaving and do not want to wait until things go completely out of control to react.

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@Roy S

Are you not happy that the number is low?

We should be happy that this virus is very mild, that with the high number of new daily "cases", the number of people with severe symptoms is low.

I am not happy that those people are suffering, but I am very happy that the number is low.

If I was callous, I would not have been on JT regularly complaining about the Covid response over the past almost 3 years.

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The number of people infected is on a par with the UK, but there are no people in our hospital intensive care units with Covid, although there ARE around 6000 people in hospital with it. In total 22.2 million people in the UK have been infected with Covid since the start of the pandemic, and 213,000 people have died.

I'm not sure how that compares with Japan, but I'm sure it's nowhere near as bad. We no longer wear masks and people are no longer afraid of Covid... life really has got back to close to normal. I hope Japan can lose the fear at some point.

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 We no longer wear masks and people are no longer afraid of Covid... life really has got back to close to normal. I hope Japan can lose the fear at some point.

Good thing you're no longer afraid.

Here in Japan fear is not the reason people wear masks though of course it's the case for some

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About 25 million infections and 60,000 deaths.

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Japan is in for a rough winter. For weeks people have been saying that this wave has "already peaked", and that it will "taper off" soon. Well, hate to break it to you, but that's not the case. The Covid-19 waves here are getting bigger and longer. This one in particular started to pick up steam around early October. Cases have been consistently increasing for over two whole months. And we've been dealing with the same ol' variant all year long: Omicron.

Let's be real about the situation though. Athletes are not dying due to Covid-19. Can you name any competitors who passed away after coming here and participating in the very much vindicated Tokyo Olympics? No, you can't. How about the various athletes who refused to get vaccinated in spite of their professional leagues trying to mandate it? Kyrie Irving is still alive, no health problems. Aaron Rodgers is still alive, no health problems. Novak Djokovic, still alive, no problems. These are only a few examples. But nonetheless, if you are under the age of 50, and you exercise regularly, you will probably not die of Covid. The chance of this happening is essentially statistically molecular.

I've been noticing something odd recently. More often, here in Japan on my morning and evening commutes, I am seeing more and more people who are overweight. When I first came here in early 2020 almost three years ago, it was rare. But not so much anymore. I'm from America, where we have a serious obesity problem. I should be desensitized to it - and yet, am surprised seeing how prevalent it is here now. Quarantine lifestyle has kind of wrecked my image of Japan as this healthy country. Because people stopped exercising.

But wolfshine! Covid can frequently complicate to chronic disease or even cause hospitalization and death!!!!!

Wrong. This is actually exceedingly rare, not "frequent". Some demographics are virtually invincible to Covid, and were so before the vaccine rollout. I know, because I am a part of that demographic. From my experience, comparing Covid to the Flu, they haven't been all that different. No I didn't have a stroke. No I didn't get blood clots. No I didn't lose my sense of taste, or get long Covid. This legacy Covid narrative from 2020 was wrong then, and it's wrong now.

Now as far as the people who are not healthy, or are old, they were sold a false bill of goods. They were told they could take this shot and be completely protected; that they wouldn't even get infected. The US President said literally that. They were told this would all be over after two shots. They were lied to. And people got rich off of this. But those people are still at risk - higher risk than ever before.

So when I say, Japan is in for a rough winter, that's what I mean. Obviously young people are not the primary victims. At the very least, cut the gravy train to the pharmaceutical companies, so Japan can spend that money where it is actually useful, be it in the realm of defense, or faster trains, whatever. But stop wasting it.

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I hope the following explanation helps you to identify what a low number is;

population of Tokyo

13.96 million

New Covid cases in Tokyo


Hospitalized with severe symptoms


With almost 14,000,000 people in Tokyo, almost 19,000 have a contracted Covid. I would say that’s a pretty low number. That’s approximately .1% of the entire population.

Of those 19,000 only 22 have been hospitalized with severe symptoms. I would say that is also a pretty low number.

That’s also approximately .1%

.1% (point one %)

I would say that’s a pretty low number.

19,000 of 14 million…. 19,000 is quite low in comparison.

22 of 19,000… 22 is also quite low in comparison

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Derek G

No. Tokyo hit about 40,000 cases in one day in July.

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Isn’t this a record?

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