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Japan reports 206,495 coronavirus cases; 26,313 in Tokyo


Japan on Sunday reported 206,495 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 26,313 new coronavirus cases, down 4,657 from Saturday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 36, down one from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 551, down 16 from Saturday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (18,309), Aichi (13,212), Saitama (13,008), Kanagawa (12,554), Fukuoka (10,767), Hyogo (10,598), Chiba (9,085), Hokkaido (6,322), Hiroshima (6,029), Shizuoka (4,700), Kyoto (4,654), Ibaraki (4,377), Okinawa (4,277), Kumamoto (4,001), Niigata (3,376), Kagoshima (3,123), Mie (3,090), Gifu (2,984), Okayama (2,874), Nagasaki (2,560), Gunma (2,466), Miyagi (2,448), Shiga (2,271), Miyazaki (2,431) and Fukushima (2,066).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 152.

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Yesterday I posted the latest govt stats for corona hospitalizations as of Wed:


1.8 million active cases(hospitalizations)

55,000 in hosp/hotels-120,000 available beds

Severe cases at 31% occupancy

1.4 million of theses patients at home.

One poster refuses to accept this so here is a story from his favorite website :


“1.43 million people at home recuperation”

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one year back, it was a period when it was good to point out the percentage of non vaccinated among infected and deaths. To show those persons « did not do their duty ».

Now, showing the opposite is not considered at all. Strange. Some truth are not good to be said.

But I would like to know the percentage of boostered among infected

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Numbers going down, hopefully.

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How many of Japan’s covid “hospitalizations” are just hypochondriacs with the sniffles and an incidental positive test result?

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Remember everyone, even with so many infected and fewer dying it’s going to probably the biggest number of people with long Covid japan has seen yet and if the CDC is right (1/5 people) then japan is going to have many people with long Covid that need help. Please stay safe from catching this illness.

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Here is a video from doctor Putrino from mount saini explaining the implications and risks of catching Covid watch it and tell me again it’s just a cold after. I’ll trust one of the leading doctors treating long Covid in the US before I’ll trust a random person on the internet.


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As someone who has had the privilege of living and visiting a few countries since 2020 (I know many positing here have not left the masked and sanitised bubble of Japan), I can see that Japan is very much behind the curve when it comes to accepting covid is now endemic, the pandemic is over, and life goes on.

On the positive side, the huge case numbers here (largest numbers in the world despite all the masks) and fact they are not resulting in severe illness for the overwhelming majority (as was always going to be the case as we have seen almost everywhere else), is only good in terms of the population finally realising that.

It has taken time. But we are getting there. Judging by the hordes I've seen out it seems those who still try to push the fear are very much in the minority.

There is absolutely no justification for border controls. Obviously. But then Japan would not have been the first country to make rules up that make no scientific sense whatsoever.

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If a country of over 125 million doesn't have the healthcare structure to accommodate 500 odd serious hospital cases (with/of covid) before it collapses then that it is problem.

Funny then that an ambulance was on the scene within 5 minutes of a road accident I had the misfortune of witnessing yesterday. Luckily for the injured child, the healthcare system obviously hadn't collapsed in that area and the ambulance crew were on the scene to help the poor kid in no time. Sadly he lost his mask in the accident - though I don't think contracting covid was he biggest concern at the time.

As for pushing vaccines. You do realise the vaccine (developed in 2020) is very ineffective against the latest variant and does not stop transmission. So for the vast majority there is little reason to get vaccinated. For the elderly and immunocompromised then go for it if you want. But when double boosted presidents are still getting covid then don't expect it to protect you from getting covid. But you would have to be living in a covid bunker to think they do. Which is possible here.

Borders? Thailand had restricted borders until it started to open up in November. It has no bearing on cases whatsoever. Covid was already there. The wave went through the country independently of arrivals. Millions have arrived since - including tens of thousands from Japan. They are no longer subject to any entry requirements. All this but cases continue to fall nationally. It is almost as if they had no influence on an airborne virus that was already running through the native population.

Japan should take note. It's not complicated.

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