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Japan reports 21,347 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 21,347 new coronavirus cases, down 7,425 from Wednesday. Tokyo reported 1,474 new cases, down 384 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms nationwide was 254, down four from Wednesday, health officials said. The number in Tokyo was 16, down one from Wednesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 172.

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At this pace, we will soon be in negative territory!

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Deaths still so high… more people have died in the past 6 months than the first two and half years of the pandemic in Japan. Makes one wonder how Japan was hiding the number of actual deaths from everyone in the first two and half years by not reporting those as covid deaths.

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Not surprising at all that more people died after the virus eventually managed to break through the trickle of infections in early days with stricter measures and began snowballing, Jim. That’s just called exponential growth.

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Japan needs to do a national and patriotic test on the effectiveness of masks.

They should have everyone abandon them exactly on the same day.

Say, the 13th March or something like that.

If cases rise by a massive degree, they could be said to be effective.

If not, then people will know to continue not to use them as they make no difference.

Good news the numbers are coming down. Too bad I never believed the numbers anyway.

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then people will know to continue not to use them as they make no difference.

You like playing with fire too, don’t you? If suddenly no one wears mask at a stage with still high numbers, all vulnerable will more severely get sick or die. Additionally, the viruses will more extensively replicate everywhere with the chance of developing mutations that are not to handle. Of course I would agree not to wear masks if one is not a threat to or could be threatened by nearby people. If wearing masks too often or too long, you raise your own risk, because the viruses then are kept inside your body more than necessary. That’s potentially one reason that there are cases with people who wear masks or develop a load big enough for a disease although vaccinated. It’s in fact a balanced ‘game’ with merits and demerits for any of the scenarios. The error has been made three years ago, without taking harsh measures immediately. Now we are forced to take part in that personal gamble, until we are in those vulnerable age groups or the immune system is earlier over challenged and we lose. Higher statistical death rates and on average lower life expectancy show you the path we are forced to walk on from now.

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