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Japan reports 28,772 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Wednesday reported 28,772 new coronavirus cases, down 2,931 from Tuesday. Tokyo reported 1,858 new cases, down 374 from Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms nationwide was 258, down 12 from Tuesday, health officials said. The number in Tokyo was 17, down one from Tuesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 213.

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Huge numbers still as this country grapples with its approach to not having any strategy to deal with this, while China contains Covid still so as to have the lowest infection and related death rates in the world.

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Ok, China reported 265 cases for the last week, and zero deaths, so if those were trusted, that would indeed be the lowest in the world. But, most likely, China still has the highest rates in the world. So, well, the posts above are both correct...

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When masks are finally discarded by the vast majority fairly soon.

People will stop thinking there is any virus to be scared of anymore.

Unless they think case numbers are scary and continue to check.

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Going down .!. .!. .!. .!.

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They ought to report total deaths including those that are deemed coronavirus-unrelated, and how many deceased had Covid-19 present. This way the public can better understand in how many cases the virus was a significant contributor or primary cause of death, versus completely or near incidental. “Coronavirus related” is so vague and opens up for a lot of speculative discourse.

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