Japan reports 32,571 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Monday reported 32,571 new coronavirus cases, down 31,897 from Sunday. Tokyo reported 2,677 new cases, down 2,433 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 37, down four from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 644, down 27 from Sunday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 253.

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The deaths are down, which is good. But coincide with lower numbers. Which I find strange.

Shouldn't the last 19 days or so after large infections mean the deaths don't fall with the cases?

Day by day for about 2 years.

Anyway. Really depends on how related they are to Covid, with or from.

Or is simply having a vaccine also related to Covid in these numbers?

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Covid infection with vaccine? Any count?

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Or is simply having a vaccine also related to Covid in these numbers?

Of course

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Covid infection with vaccine? Any count?

Hopefully all of them

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The deaths are down, which is good. But coincide with lower numbers. Which I find strange.

If the deaths go down in proportion to the infections, that is a good sign. That means they are not related to COVID. Fewer people with infections, means fewer deaths with COVID. If the deaths are delayed, that means they are due to COVID. These are Monday numbers, so reporting is down overall, as the people entering the numbers into the database were not working yesterday. It is better to look at the rolling average for a week, and use that to confirm the correlation.

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Covid infection with vaccine? Any count?


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“Covid infection with vaccine? Any count?”

i guess 80%?

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Covid infection with vaccine? Any count?

A this point in the pandemic with so many people having had it, unvaccinated does not mean virus-naïve anymore. A distinction would tell us not much of anything.

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The vaccines work!

Dumb people believe they don't

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I would be more concerned about death with vaccine more than mild infection with vaccine.

You're saying death is more serious than mild infection? Haha

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Masks have been almost universally worn in Japan for almost the entire pandemic

No they haven't. I wear my mask about 10 hours a day and never at weekends unless "out and about"! Think about the rubbish you spin.

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Masks don't prevent airborne infections.

Yes they do. Look around, the numbers are coming down rapidly. So they obviously work brilliantly.

If they did, hardly anyone in Japan -- a country where at least 98% of the population wears masks constantly -- would be getting the COVID.

Did someone tell you that masks are 100% effective? And you believed them?

and if you believe that, call me for a great deal on a nice old New York bridge.

Bridge selling shtick, edgy. Got any, 'Hold my beer' gags?

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There are a lot of good signs on the horizon for 2023. Japan is most likely going to downgrade Covid-19, which means people finally will no longer have to pay tribute to the Church of Public Health Consciousness in the form of a negative PCR certificate or 3x vaccinated card before they enter Japan - yay. Unfortunately, Chinese people that hate their government and just want to be away from home for a week in the paradise that is the land of the rising sun won't be able to for quite some time. It is regrettable, but predictable. I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I'm not both unvaccinated and Chinese - I imagine they have it pretty rough. As for masks? People in Japan can continue wearing them if they want to, I don't really care because I won't be. I'm looking forward to being able to use hand dryers again, because after washing my hands like a good obedient Covid citizen, currently I have to shake them off to dry them due to not carrying around a damp rag in my pocket (seriously, who does this anyway?).

I think the biggest reduction measure that needs to be tossed out is open windows in the winter time. All of the busses are doing this, and many government buildings, such as schools, too. At my work, some of the rooms have these devices that read both CO2 levels and display the temperature. I noticed that one of the rooms was at 17°C due to having the windows wide open at 8 in the morning. So the idea is, we're going to prevent people from getting sick by...checks notes...keeping buildings freezing in the winter time which in turn makes people sick? This is in addition to them not using heaters to their full capacity due to rising energy costs.

I'm happy for the progress that's being made - just hope they step it up a little and my lord, spring cannot come fast enough.

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You nailed it Wolfshine - exactly my sentiments. For once I agree with some of Kishida’s wording - ‘a return to normalcy’ - he said. Let’s hope so.

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Fewer people with infections, means fewer deaths with COVID. If the deaths are delayed, that means they are due to COVID.

Well said. These were my first thoughts, exactly.

I realized as I write this that it’s been only a couple weeks short of three years since I started watching these numbers and following these comments on this news site. I’m staying at the same hotel in Tokyo that I was then. I am a little disappointed how few have been actually paying attention and can apply this level of critical thinking.

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Since the middle of October, Japan ONLY tests symptomatic people.!. So zero of these millions or recent new cases are asymptomatic.!. As of yesterday, there are 615,000 people correctly listed as hospitalized either in an actual hospital or a hotel.!. All this whining about downgrading Covid to the same level as the flu is spin .!. It is not the flu .!. The changes will prevent hospitals from discriminating against people with Covid.!. But some of you act like we’ve been locked up for 3 years when the reality is that we never had a single meaningful restriction.!. I’m curious as to precisely how a change of status is going to affect your daily lives ??? Anyone ??? Some of you should be thanking those of us in the vast majority of responsible people who have done our individual parts to get us to this point where we are .!. The mRNA vaccines have proven to be safe and effective .!. Masks have helped ! Following the 3 C’s has been a huge positive.!. But we’re still nowhere near the end .!. So vax up .!. Don’t be afraid .!. The jab hurts a tiny bit for a day or 2 and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.!. Mask up when your safety is compromised.!. Avoid all closed settings .!. Be responsible.!. Can’t learn to live with Covid if you didn’t learn anything and people are still dying FROM Covid everyday .!.

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