Japan reports 37,555 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Monday reported 37,555 new coronavirus cases, down 31,339 from Sunday. Tokyo reported 4,025 new cases, down 2,897 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 21, unchanged from Sunday. The nationwide figure was 235, up three from Sunday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 48.

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Giant numbers again.

And winter us coming.

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Good low case numbers. Although the daily numbers reveal the in effectiveness of the vaccines and mask wearing.

However, with this variant being so mild and also most having immunity the risk to non seniors or non morbidly obese is negligible.

Normality is the way to go and seems the chosen path by the world, cutting down needless and costly medical procedures is essential.

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48 coronavirus-“related” deaths nationwide… A nation of almost 126 million people. Notice I put related in quotations.

The words chosen are pretty important.

I wonder how many of those deaths were directly caused “by” Covid. And of those deaths, their age and health condition at the time they caught it…?

it would seem to me that it would be very easy to convince me or anyone else of the severity of this virus if it were indeed serious…

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Which variant are you referring to @ffs?

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That wave was over quick good to see.

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Yes, double plus good! It’s going to be around for years but off the radar really I guess unless a more dangerous variant or virus appears suddenly from the wild or located next to a lab.

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So this is the 8th wave we were warned about?

Maybe it's time to move on. The fear mongering continues but only a militant minority still subscribe to the belief that this was as dangerous as the media and govt tried to make us believe. Seems they are going to be wrong about this just like everything else.

No cases didn't explode when airlines dropped the masks.

No the UK didn't implode after freedom day.

No omicron was not the severe variant we were warned about.

No opening schools and not having kids in masks did not lead to massive outbreaks.

No large gatherings outdoors have not been superspreader events. Ever.

And on and on...

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Having kids maskless rather. Seems only here masking kids is not questioned despite the many harms it brings. Why isn't this ever talked about in the media?

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Jonny GToday  07:47 pm JST

Having kids maskless rather. Seems only here masking kids is not questioned despite the many harms it brings. Why isn't this ever talked about in the media?

My wife saw a news report the other day where the kids had to wear masks in class, were separated by partitions and weren’t allowed to talk…Only a person of questionable intelligence would say that that wouldn’t cause children some form of long term psychological damage! Extremely concerning this mask obsession especially where children and their long term psychological development is concerned!

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