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Japan reports 42,294 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Tuesday reported 42,294 new coronavirus cases, up 29,171 from Monday. Tokyo reported 4,213 new cases, up 2,625 from Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is nine, unchanged from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 116, down two from Monday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 56.

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be interesting if they also listed numbers hospitalized or dying each and every day, from other causes, just for perspective and proportion. I recall posting some two and a half years ago: 'the numbers go up, the numbers go down', and they still do.... I don't really see the point of the numbers numbers numbers numbers numbers.....

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56 deaths,dunno if need to feel afraid or safe if compare with deaths today caused by other reasons/car accidents,suicide etc/.

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Covid zero will never happen in Japan.

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So funny....The PGA golf tourney was held in Japan this past weekend..Saw it on TV...95% of spectators were wearing masks..this is just to me, silly...outside on a golf course, open air, wind blowing...wearing masks...Maybe they work outside, maybe they dont....here in USA, hard to find anyone wearing one outside or inside at all......I personally think outside it not necesssary....Unless someone with covid is blowing air into your face, not going to catch it......Just me..

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My teenager who is going to school overseas was just tested for COVID and I am so extremely worried about the situation and being so far away.

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Is it too soon to say that forever masking is a really bad idea? Wearing a mask for 8 hours a day, especially children, is hazardous to ones health. If you are coughing or sneezing, yeah cover that up. If you're not, there's more harm than good to wearing it all the time. Let's try to be reasonable instead of constantly panicking about breathing air. Think of the children who have never even seen their own teacher's face. What are we doing?

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The masks will probably stay on faces in Japan for the next year or so. Soap in the restrooms have already been removed.

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I live in USA..city of about 120,000 persons...I would say 99.99999% do not wear a mask...inside or outside..

This is accross the USA now...ONLY in hospitals/nursing homes are masks really worn...IF vaccinated, boosted...you are as safe as one can be....this mask wearing outside is just not warranted in my opinion..inside, I guess ..well Japanese think so....lets stay well in any case...above is just a fact..

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You have commented praising the explanation that lockdowns are unnecessary and bring more problems than what they prevent, what is the point of contradicting yourself and say people should do what you think should be avoided?

Isn’t it obvious? sarcastic humor

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Why don't they report the comorbidities and ages the 56 who passed?? all over 90 with 2 or 3 is my guess.

enough with the scare mongering!

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@sanji: Why are you incapable of respecting those who choose to exercise caution?

Your ‘guess’ is irrelevant.

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