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Japan reports 43,594 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Tuesday reported 43,594 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 5,247 new cases, down 1,069 from Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 17, down three from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 225, down seven from Monday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (3,300), Aichi (2,713, Kanagawa (2,571), Hokkaido (2,560), Saitama (2,525) and Chiba (1,663).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 105.

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Becoming a thing of the past.

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Up 38% from the same day last week and down 41% from the same day two weeks ago.

Case reports arent representative anymore, the real number is likely to be higher but either still sinking or entering an 8th fully manageable wave.

Returning to pre-pandemic life will continue as planned with minimal unnecessary deaths. I suspect we dont have much longer with these daily reports as recorded cases diverge further from reality and relevance.

Looking forwards to seeing the many smiling faces of our much missed & beloved overseas guests in our streets again! Only two weeks left :)

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Looking good but let's see what will happen after 2 weeks or so

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Case reports arent representative anymore, the real number is likely to be higher but either still sinking or entering an 8th fully manageable wave. 

Returning to pre-pandemic life will continue as planned with minimal unnecessary deaths. I suspect we dont have much longer with these daily reports as recorded cases diverge further from reality and relevance.

We’ve never remotely let alone fully managed any wave ! Still over 500,000 people still hospitalized from the current wave which is no where near the end ! Minimal unnecessary deaths???? Really ? There should be zero unnecessary deaths…/ but with the collapse of the entire healthcare system…. Unnecessary deaths could not be avoided …. Far too many patients were sent to hotels or home to either recover or die… as long as Japan is a member of the WHO, we will just like every country on the planet earth … continue to have daily reports.!.

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It’s not just a sniffle or a cold as some people here on this “forum” have suggested.

My wife and I had it a few weeks back. For her it was nothing more than a bad cold or mild flu. For me it was similar to flu but not exactly - I also had a couple of days of fatigue that I wouldn’t normally get with a cold or flu. So I guess everyone is affected differently.

Cases dropping but I expect that we will enter another wave a month or so from now.

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Good low numbers as we see more falls across the board

Design Monkey

leaee don’t spread misinformation, this current variant is the mildest yet. Do not instill fear into others please. We must all maintain a PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude) to bring confidence and happiness to all, especially the children .

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We got through the largest 7th wave without eller filling the allocated capacity for in-patient beds, ICU or those in hotel quarantine. As a rule nobody in Japan who has been moderately symptomatic or worse will not have been referred to/placed in appropriate care... however we aee free to speculate on how stress/fatigue could've negatively impacted the performance of overworked healthcare staff so this is a place unnecessary/avoidable deaths may have occurred. I don't know what we could've done better without causing greater harm to society as a whole than the hastened deaths that have occurred.

To have zero unecessary deaths from viruses, bacteria, parasites and their contagious diseases it would require all of humanity to enter a permanent lockdown with extreme isolation.

Reports will of course continue to be made public information but it will inevitably fade out of the public mind and gradually disappear from our news outlets, much like other forms of SARS, influenza, seasonal illnesses etc.

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The current variant …. More specific…. Omicron … all strains of it has been the deadliest variant in Japan…. There is no factual dispute….

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It's utterly fruitless to comment presenting anecdotal evidence of the perceived severity of covid from your, your coworkers or your dogs symptoms.

This person says they were on the verge of oblivion, that person says they barely felt a tickle...

The statistics say it had several times higher mortality than influenza, there's no other way to spin it - it is quite mild for the vast majority of people but it's still significantly potent enough to those who are suceptible to strain and potentially break (fortunately not, but we didnt know how bad it might get until after the fact) our vulnerable healthcare system.

How horrendous or completely fine you felt means nothing, not that we should've locked down harder and not that we should've just pretended it didn't exist.

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Yes, the variant and its subvarients which infected the vast majority were indeed the ones that killed the most people, this is just a logical conclusion. Had Delta for example taken hold in the same manner as the more contagious omicron but retained its more severe symptoms - it would've played out significantly worse.

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From Jan 2022 to date , more people have died in Japan per day from Covid than the previous 2 years …. Therefore, the only scientific conclusion that can be drawn , omicron has and continues to be the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan! Mild ??? No …. It’s testament to the safety and efficacy of the vaccines! Combined with masking …. The vast majority of responsible and reasonable people are the reason or cause of this so called mildness !

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'Deadly' can be interpreted in multiple ways. It kills far fewer people per capita than past variants which makes lt milder to the individual... but it is much more contagious and infects far more people than past variants meaning it causes net greater deaths despite a lower fatality rate, making it more severe to society as a whole.

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Sorry pickles …. There is no way to reinterpret actual deaths …. More than 1/3 of all deaths from Covid in Japan , have been this calendar year….. no amount of spin will change that sad fact !

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Going forward the only meaningful numbers will be hospitalizations and deaths since these will still have to be reported to the govt.


Truly “hospitalized”: 19,347 out of 48,088 beds.  

ICU: 918 out of 5556 beds.


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That is true, and it is also an undeniable fact that it causes less severe symptoms than past variants.

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Stop saying "it's just mild." This is what you should be concerned about:


My friend and someone vital to my work, had a mild case. 3 weeks later sudden death.

He was young, not even over the hill, just had his second baby.

Alone it would be an outlier, but these are happening more frequently following mild infections now:


We need to stop the spread. We could do it if people were educated and made an effort backed by governments.

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Game over…

move on, open up, security blanket mask off….

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