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Japan reports 45,505 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Wednesday reported 45,505 new coronavirus cases, up 32,382 from Tuesday. Tokyo reported 4,790 new cases, up 3,286 from Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 12, up four from Tuesday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 135, down three from Tuesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 54.

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So we can only conclude - again - the masks and vaccines aren't working.

Good thing it's so mild and the hordes of unmasked foreigners are about to help dilute those high numbers.

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If said measures aren't necessary today, they were never necessary!

Have you ever heard of 'circumstances'? Apparently they can 'change'.

We need accountability, NOW!

Whose blood are you after and what precisely are you accusing them of?

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…holiday catch-up reporting…

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Huge numbers and still a leading cause for death.

Imagine the reaction two years ago, or even a year ago. The LDP would be freaking out, frantically limiting dining hours, banning booze, and going as far as to prevent students and workers (not just tourists) from entering. The Quarantine warriors (now the anti-Pfizer misinformation brigade) would be demanding even stricter measures, and shaming people for going out and enjoying their lives.

Why the inconsistency? Covid-19 is an unsolved problem, but people are treating it like its over.

If said measures aren't necessary today, they were never necessary! We need accountability, NOW!

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How is this increase possible? The covid19 vaccine is not being widely dispersed?

Yeah, Biden and Fauci did say the vaccines stopped Covid way back when they first came out. But then the narrative chancged. Look it up.

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Yes, it’s coming and reaching out for you again, take care. To illustrate, before the last wave 1 in 4000 citizens has died from corona , and currently at the end of seventh or beginning of the eighth wave that value has decreased to 1 in 2300 and daily shrinking which means that’s just the odd value that you die from the coronavirus. If it’s down to 1 then you’re dead. Run and hide, not to become that one of that ones in 2300 or already less. Good luck.

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How is this increase possible? The covid19 vaccine is not being widely dispersed? I have to question the integrity of the program when such an increase in the numbers is being reported and now the foreign tourists will flock here because of the drastic easing of border restrictions with the past 2.5 years a wasted effort after all.

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Up from last Wednesday (41,193) but not by much.

Excluding last week, it's the lowest Wednesday number since June 29th when we had 23,346 cases.


The downward trend continues.

Very little cause for concern anymore unless you live in painkiller's parallel universe.

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WOW.!. 346% increase in 1 day .!. What a coincidence.!. Mask up .!, Vax up.!. Follow the 3 cs people .!. Better tighten those loose screws on the borders .!.

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Japan reports 45,505 new coronavirus cases

Huge numbers.

And the 8th wave is coming.

Lock it up Japan.

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