Japan reports 45,690 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 45,690 new coronavirus cases, up 185 from Wednesday. Tokyo reported 4,338 new cases, down 452 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 13, up one from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 143, up eight from Wednesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 78.

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we are walking slowly back to normal life as covid became endemic one.

take care stay safe and enjoy life,2023 is around corner and we will enjoy free travel and life as before-again/I hope/.

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No mask, no vaccines, no worries!

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Cases down in Tokyo despite the hordes of maskless foreign arrivals entering the country after border restrictions were lifted. Who would have imagined that?!

It's almost as if the 'masks work' narrative has slipped so far now that it lies soggy and trampled in a gutter...which is sadly something you see daily on the otherwise litter-free Tokyo streets.

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Please wear an extra mask for me please. Asthma prevents me from wearing one but I’m supposed to suffer to be one of them.

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Japan is now back to normal, except for those who still keep on counting the number of infected people.

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Shame Pfizer fooled billions by not testing if the vaccines stopped transmission as they admitted in European Parliament on the 11th.

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Hmmmm ….. the recycled excuse for yesterdays dramatic increase in new cases was “holiday weekend catch-up.” What’s the excuse today for having the same number of new cases? And the ONLY reason for the artificially low numbers is not testing …. Basically hiding from the problem… 460,000 people still hospitalized either in a hospital or hotel…. Ambulances still getting turned away because the completely broken healthcare system is nowhere near recovery…. Mask up people…. The life you save might be yours! If you’re in the vast majority of responsible people, get your mRNA booster asap! For those of you in the marginalized minority of highly irresponsible people, follow the 3 C’s! Avoid public anything ! Pfizer nor Moderna ever claimed their vaccines stopped transmission! The vaccines have and continue to work on exactly as advertised! Reducing your chances of getting a severe case! As for those of us in the vast majority of highly responsible people…. Life continues to improve!

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