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Japan reports 47,621 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Monday reported 47,621 new coronavirus cases, down 41,945 from Sunday. Tokyo reported 5,388 new cases, down 5,066 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 22, up two from Sunday. The nationwide figure was 348, down five from Sunday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 117.

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Open up, move on, masks off!

good low numbers of a mild variant!

if not now,when???

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virusrex Dec. 1 05:13 pm JST

vaccinated people are not at higher risk of infection but the opposite, and much more they are much better protected against severe disease, hospitalization and death.

Are people who took 2 doses considered vaxxinated in your world? Everyone in Japan has seen the data showing 2x has the same infection rate and outcomes as the unvaxxinated. Presumably the Ministry moved onto 4x because 3x is the now same too. 

This oft-repeated company line about "much better" is a relative term, not statistical data. The Ministry no longer collects data, what they did collect was inadequate and the methodology proven spurious. If there was ever a definitive conclusion to be had, one would expect mountains of hard data continuously being published.

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virusrexToday  05:11 pm JST

without scientific data and a proper validated analysis whatever anybody says fails to hold weight.

Precisely. Where is your data?

The most I can find is Hamamatsu City's breakdown of 81174 Omicron cases up to August 24. 


The Ministry stopped tracking the unvaxxinated and vaxxinated outcomes because it's clear based on this data after more than 2 million doses that both groups get seriously sick or die at a virtually similar, negligible rate. Comparison only creates division and since the Omicron bivalent vaxxine has been made available the split is... let's say half for and against.

99% of cases are symptomless or minor symptoms, so only 1% progress to a 2nd grade medium case. Being boostered temporarily lowers infection rates but is a 60% higher risk of 2nd grade illness once infected relative to the never jabbed. 4x performs four times worse than 3x as 3.3% suffer from 2nd grade illness but this was at limited use at the time of data.

Overall, there is at most a 0.2% chance an infection develops into the highest (3rd) grade serious illness, or death. The vaxxine brings that tiny 0.2% number down for an X amount of time and with a progressively shorter window of effectiveness each jab. That comes at the cost of forever boosting and a government that refuses to consider a possible causal link to side effects of disability and all-cause mortality. 

Health is not measured in a vacuum.

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Everyone in Japan has seen the data showing 2x has the same infection rate and outcomes as the unvaxxinated. 

Haven't seen it. Why don't you post a source?

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My child now can’t go to her daycare because she was apparently a close contact. So now, we have to take days off of work, using up our paid holidays all because some selfish morons took the stupid, pointless decision to have their child tested. Please, stop testing your children for this unless you have a very good reason for doing so such as your child being immunocompromised or otherwise at high risk - it’s just causing everyone else huge inconvenience for absolutely no reason. Also, if you yourself test positive, please just do your isolation and don’t inconvenience others by telling everybody.

There’s plenty of immunity in the community now provided by vaccines and previous infection that we can just stop with all of this now and It’s about time we started calling out these paranoid hypochondriacs for the PITAs they are!

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So did you call out the parent who had the child tested?

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So did you call out the parent who had the child tested

it was more than one and of course, they don’t tell us who it was! I have an idea though - it’s obviously not the way it’s done in Japan to call them out directly, but I can certainly mention in passing the inconvenience of having our paid leave used up and wonder out loud about what the point of it is etc. Meanwhile, expressing stronger views on social media, comments sections and so on might slowly start to make people consider if all of this testing and reporting is really necessary at this point.

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The key is for covid to be downgraded to flu (it's IFR is lower) so with that the nonsensical close contact bs and quarantining for infinity can go. With that so can the masks. And then you have kids finally unmasked in schools and the many negative impacts that come with that are also gone.

How has this gone on for so long?! The UK stopped the nonsense a year ago. Even Australia followed not long after.

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Until when will these numbers be reported in Japan? Do people still care about them? Serious questions.

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