Japan reports 59,885 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 59,885 new coronavirus cases, down 19,469 from Wednesday. Tokyo reported 5,061 new cases, down 873 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 34, unchanged from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 585, down 28 from Wednesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 410.

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The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 410.

Does anyone know what the highest number of deaths in one 1 day is?

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503, reported on January 14.

Infections down a lot, while deaths stay high. Not a good sign. Fewer infected people would mean that the deaths by other causes would be less likely to be infected as well, thus fewer deaths with COVID.

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Infections down a lot, while deaths stay high.

There tends to be a delay (about 2 weeks?) between infection rate and death rate, so deaths should come down soon.

And it also depends on how they define "coronavirus-related deaths"...

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Infections down a lot, while deaths stay high

They don't, deaths are coming down slowly, too. Because day-on comparisons are fluctuating too much to be useful indicators I calculated the 7-day rolling average (data source: MLHW), here's the last 14 days (apologies for the crude formatting):

2023/1/13: 401

2023/1/14: 407

2023/1/15: 408

2023/1/16: 401

2023/1/17: 416

2023/1/18: 425

2023/1/19: 420

2023/1/20: 412

2023/1/21: 397

2023/1/22: 384

2023/1/23: 380

2023/1/24: 373

2023/1/25: 361

2023/1/26: 355

Death numbers don't fall as rapidly as infection numbers, but they are clearly on the downward trend as well.

Sidenote: The MLHW has all sorts of data noone bothers much to look at. For example, it shows that the most confirmed infection cases in the last seven days happened to the youngest age bracket, children under the age of 10, more than all 70+, 80+, 90+ combined. Since Japan does only test symptomatic cases now, this is a bit worrysome and suggests that infections are currently rampant in schools and kindergartens.

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Numbers number numbers....

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Roy SophveasonToday  05:48 pm JST

Japantimes 12 January: "On Wednesday, Japan confirmed 520 new COVID-19 deaths

That's a strange one indeed, it was briefly reported (also on JT) and then corrected on most news sites to be 381 (the number also shown in the MLHW reports). Fluke in data collection? One can only speculate.

This one's probably not an antivaxer.

Can't be sure of course.

(Sorry for dragging you into this but I felt compelled to make another guess in the interest of fairness)

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What are Covid-related deaths?

"International Guidelines for Certification and Classification (Coding) of COVID-19 as Cause of Death"

It's only 14 pages. Happy reading.

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Yeah the WHO

... has been codifying how to do death certificates for decades, for all countries. This is important because not only does it allow country-on-country comparisons, but also for insurance and other legal reasons.

Maybe it was the final straw, but can you really say that the CAUSE of death was, indeed Covid19?

That is, naturally, for the medical professional to decide. Note that they can very well also note COVID-19, but as "other significant condition contributing to death", at which point it will not be counted as "Covid death".

"Om my GOD, today 500 people died of Covid19 again... I need to inject my child with more mRNA to "protect him/her!!"

Open a window, you're becoming a bit hysterical there.

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The media constantly feeds us numbers without the proper context

I agree to some extent, but there's another side to the coin. Rampant miscommunication by the media and even governments during the pandemic (my biggest gripe with the last three years) has shown us what happens if you over-communicate details. Every single datapoint has been misconstrued and twisted out of shape to the point where it only serves as arguments in hysterical online shouting matches.

and that can definitely instill fear into people and influence their decisions...

I disagree. We are (supposedly) adults and can make rational decisions without resorting to primal instincts. The data is there if you seek it, numbers are not scary (except in Japan when they contain "4" and "13"), and then you can make an informed decision.

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Perhaps the 8th wave is nearing the end of it's cycle. Well done Japan.

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Vaccines and masks working so well…excepts 4 weeks ago and 4 months ago BUT now the falling numbers are due to the masks and the vaccines not the simple fact that natural immunity to the current strain has started to take effect!

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Perhaps the 8th wave is nearing the end of it's cycle. Well done Japan.

It's been "nearing the end of it's cycle" since November.

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Vaccines and masks working so well (...) natural immunity to the current strain has started to take effect!

Why can't it be both? Binary thinking takes us nowhere, neither science nor medicine nor nature works that way.

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It's been "nearing the end of it's cycle" since November.

I don't know where you get that from, some may actually have said that I'm sure. But with individual day-on comparisons (again, useless) smoothed out over a rolling average, in November there was not a single day when infections went down. The current wave peaked just two weeks ago, luckily it's been in steep decline since then.

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