Japan reports 60,108 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 60,108 new coronavirus cases, down 73,253 from Wednesday. Tokyo reported 5,639 new cases, down 7,211 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 15, down two from Wednesday. The nationwide figure was 281, up 15 from Wednesday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 130.

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Tokyo - 1 in a million hospitalized in serious condition. If that's not miniscule not sure what is. Now, after seeing all the unmasked Japanese fans in Qatar yesterday and celebrating unmasked in downtown Tokyo, it shows the Japanese can move with the times and not have to conform to social pressures. Let's move on. The kids have suffered enough.

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Don't be fooled - numbers are down because yesterday was a public holiday. Seeing 60k cases despite this means we're still on the way up up up! Not that anyone still cares except the people posting here and the folks who died today. RIP.

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True story: daughter goes out to and event and gets Covid. A lady there had it and passed it around. Tested positive after symptoms via RAT test from pharmacy.

Meanwhile her friend didn't get it. Or so she thought until she went to the hospital for an unrelated matter and they tested her as a matter of procedure. Asymptomatic of course.

Daughter's case not counted. Friend's case counted. Covid all around.

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Most reports said the drop off for this wave would be quick but I didn’t think that quick..

It was reported elsewhere this morning that the wave might be peaking.

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wolfshine you should not keep giving misinformation, 48,772 people have died in Japan from covid, 196,241 in the uk. Japan has got some things right.

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Hard to move on when I have to have a temp check and wear a mask from the door to my table at the izakaya….

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Good low numbers today

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Those who keep saying move on you really should move on. Stop obsessing about covid.

Do you think nonstop of flu?

Do you think nonstop of colds?

Move on lol.

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Masks do nothing

The experts say they do, and they obviously have a much better understanding of the necessary evidence to demonstrate if something is effective or not, do you have any example of any respected institution of health or science all over the world that repeat your claim? if not, how do you explain that the experts clearly disagree with nameless people on the internet and can show data to prove they are in the right?

At this point, all strategies intended to "reduce the risk" have failed.

Since it is perfectly clear the risk has been reduced very importantly that is obviously wrong. Just compare fatality rates and you will have evidence of this.

Unforgivable for this country to have no strategy at this stage for dealing with this,

It has a very effective strategy that has been praised internationally, meanwhile China depends on hiding 90 to 95% of deaths by not reporting them and causing ruin, deaths and loss of human rights to pretend they are doing the only option available, even when other countries have controlled the pandemic without needing to do any of those things.

Or as you have agreed, lockdowns are unnecessary and even counterproductive, causing more damage than what they prevent.

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Numbers definitely all over the place. Most reports said the drop off for this wave would be quick but I didn’t think that quick.. Anyway mask off, open up, move on!

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Japan has been wearing masks before the pandemic. Why would they stop while still in the midst of one?

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Masks do nothing. The UK is approximately half the population of Japan, yet the ratio for Covid related deaths is about the same. Not to mention, I would imagine Japan has less drug addicts and lower obesity rates overall. I was in London during the summer and nobody was wearing masks, even on public transit.

At this point, all strategies intended to "reduce the risk" have failed. For Japan the level of risk has not been reduced- it's higher now than it has ever been.

We have been dealing with the same Covid variant for a whole year. Yet the death counts keep getting bigger. I thought the new booster was going to target Omicron specifically?

I overheard an older gentleman at work tell another individual that tomorrow he was getting his fifth shot, but that it would be "the last one". How much safer will he be tomorrow versus today? On a fifth shot versus a fourth?

Also, for entry into Japan, why is three shots the magic number for getting around the PCR test? Why not four or five?

It's all scientifically illiterate, morally bankrupt, unsafe, feel good nonsense!

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130 deaths,74 were vaccinated ones.

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Extremely high numbers for a holiday . Mask up, vax up and follow the 3 C’s people.!. Be responsible.!.

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Extremely high number of cases still!

Unforgivable for this country to have no strategy at this stage for dealing with this, and as a result, allowing unnecessary Covid related deaths while China has had a strong grip on shutting down infections and deaths from the beginning, resulting in the lowest numbers in the world.

Stay in, eat at home, stay masked!

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Keep it masked Japanese!

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It's sad that it went down. Hope it goes up so that we will have another state of emergency.

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