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Japan reports 64,450 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Sunday reported 64,450 new coronavirus cases, down 14,504 from Saturday. Tokyo reported 5,110 new cases, down 1,497 from Saturday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 41, down two from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 671, down 12 from Saturday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 326.

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Wow! These Covid numbers are certainly numbers!!!

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And it's Sunday! We are in for a rough week. Expect up to around 200K by Wed. Take care out there and make sure you are completely vaxed and masked up. I wouldn't be venturing out anywhere /s

-21 ( +3 / -24 )

Wow! These Covid numbers are certainly numbers!!!

And I wonder what point Patrick is trying to make with his daily contribution...

15 ( +17 / -2 )

I’ve been following Jexan’s advice for quite a few months. Off with the masks everyone!

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Wow! These Covid numbers are certainly numbers!!!

Maybe we should start spelling them out with letters.

"Japan reports sixty-four thousand, four hundred and fifty new coronavirus cases"

Gives a whole new perspective on the issue, doesn't it?

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Soon the world will be over this ghastly Covid, most of us are but some can’t let go and are still afraid, I feel very sorry for them.

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Do they still do mass testing in Japan? If not where do they get these large numbers from.

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Geez, my missus and I both had the 'rona for about 3 days during the New Year. It was actually like a very mild flu.

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most of us are but some can’t let go 

Indeed. As he/she posts nothing on something most of us are over with.

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Walking around Yokohama today without my mask when outside, I saw increasing numbers also enjoying life with me.

Good to hear.

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So it's still not a flu despite having a lower IFR than the flu and not being anywhere as nearly dangerous to young children? However, it will be a flu at a later unconfirmed time when the govt waves a wand and magically changes it into one? And this is more science?

Meanwhile, from tomorrow speakers in the Diet can speak unmasked as that's not a risk anymore. Yes it was on Friday but not from Monday. At the same time, children still cannot see their classmates or teachers faces (now going on for 3 years), while toddlers can't see their carers faces. And all this is scientific and because of their safety? And no, the many harms are fine as the children don't complain (even if speech and language development is just one of the certain harms).

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I understand that Japan, where I liveand have lived over a decade, that They medically have a disease category system, which is outlined in the article. What I really want to say about this, is Japan is looking to downgrade Covid to the same level as the seasonal flu here…. Let me be absolutely clear though that this does not mean that Covid and the flu are not the same thing. Covid has caused the pandemic, In 2022 alone we hit over a million deaths globally by August and in 2015 only 28,000 globally died of the flu. Covid not only brings a painful experience and or death at times but it also can bring on new or exasperated medical conditions..  

I understand the push for this change is a more economical one and allowing for society as a whole to get back a sense of normalcy, even with a 5% chance of developing long term complications due to Covid (based on most conservative studies) and the current death count still does not outweigh the trouble it may cause for society as a whole. There are even good things potentially about this change which would be that every hospital will now be able to treat Covid patients and thus hopefully less people will be tuned away from critical medical treatment.

I will say it one more time for thick skull people Covid is not the damn flu and is statistically causing a higher chance of death or new health complications than the damn flu!

Before I caught Covid I took 2 pills and now I take 11 medications to have have some sense of normalcy in my life after Covid and I know I never ever want to catch this damn disease again!!!

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