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Japan reports 74,170 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Saturday reported 74,170 new coronavirus cases, up 40,106 from Friday. Tokyo reported 7,967 new cases, up 4,877 from Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 18, down one from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 162, up one from Friday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 72.

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Had my Omicron Booster today in Shibuya - was (happily) surprised to see the amount of those under 40 in the post jab waiting area.

Good to see the message is getting across.

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Got mine too, Resident.

Good on ya! It’s sensible folks like us, who follow advice from actual professionals in public health who are going to get society through this mess.

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@Hakman. Mask wearing isn't mandatory. The only place I wear one now (and only in the rush hour) is on the subway. Pointless statements like yours won't change the Japanese mentality. If it makes the locals feel safe and happy to shop / eat / spend money then let it be, especially whilst getting through this winter.

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Got mine too, Resident.

Got mine, too, last week. Hooray for medical science!! And masks!

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Shouldn't these spikes in COVID cases...

It is not hard to understand if you think about it...

The results are predominantly because of 2 factors:

Population Density - although not as high as Hong Kong, Japan has a great deal of both rural and mountainous land which artificially lower the total density compared to Huge Major cities with very large populations living on top of one another - Oklahoma ain't got no Yamanote line.... One of the highest proportions of aged population in the world - 38% over 65 years [ est. in 2020 ] and expected to climb to close to 50% in the next 20 years...
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”Icannot understand any opposition to this vaccines and masks The experts have made a decision to protect the public, why can’t everyone think of others.

No doubt those whi are anti mask , anti vax get their info from a guy on YouTube or on social media. I prefer to get my info from those in charge and I flow without question. It’s my duty as a responsible and decent member of society.”

And I quote .!. Any guesses who made these statements?

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74,000 new cases or symptomatic people.!. Not good by any possible metric.!. The jgov experts have spoken and I had / have zero opposition to getting boosted .!. I got my info from those in charge and went with the flow of highly responsible people .!. It’s my duty as a responsible and decent member of society .!. The jgov asks us all to help protect the public and fragile healthcare system and it’s great to hear and see the vast majority of responsible people doing their individual parts.!,

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Japan still going long with the cases, but at least the disease is now much less risky and people are better protected.

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Good low numbers

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Good low numbers

According to what you’ve written before, this is double plus wrong! All the numbers are up from yesterday, Dobby.

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