Japan reports 76,264 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Monday reported 76,264 new coronavirus cases, down 10,660 from Sunday. Tokyo reported 7,537 new cases, down 1,649 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 45, unchanged from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 595, up three from Sunday.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 208.

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Horrible holiday numbers …. Again ….

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Experts say the pandemic is over and covid-19 can be considered an endemic disease.

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As mentioned, the Ministry still fails to make a distinction between deaths with or from coronavirus, so these numbers cannot be taken at face value. 

At a Diet session a couple months ago, the Ministry admitted a few car accident deaths were marked as coronavirus. That means all bets are off because statistics are as easy to manipulate as people.

Does an 85 year old who had coronavirus, recovers in the sense that they are no longer testing positive and then dies 2 months later count as a coronavirus death? According to the Ministry, it does.

Didn't that use to be called old age? 

It's in the government's interest to inflate coronavirus deaths as much as possible to explain away the fact that compared to 2020, 15% more people (in excess of ~10000 a month) died in 2022. This increase cannot be accounted for with the mere addition of coronavirus deaths. 

All cause mortality is a statistic that cannot be manipulated, so in the interest of accuracy it lags by about 2 months. Deaths trough in June and peak in January. This much is normal. The difference between the green and magenta lines is not.

Where is the empathy regarding this unprecedented problem?

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Mask off and go back to normal or you never will!

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PCR testing is nice to have to confirm if you got it or not but in reality those who are suffering the worse symtomps what chances do they have for medical help? You call the japanese ambulance and they spend all day looking for a hospital? When I got covid I had a very high fever and when I called the ambulance that what my outcome was. That is why I say whats the point when you can't get medical treatment in the worse case scenario?

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@Elvis is here

Yes, but that country you’re referring to in Asia will go through its peak quickly and then get on with things - not be in a continuous limbo like here.

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that country you’re referring to in Asia will go through its peak quickly and then get on with things - not be in a continuous limbo like here.

I hope so too.

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Let me get this straight, with the travel restrictions eased, why would people get tested? Aren’t we all just circling around with or without symptoms? I face a lot of seriously coughing people on a daily basis. Numbers are meaningless.

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What’s that permanent complaining about those masks? It’s been common sense here wearing masks during any infection times already for decades, even long before most of us have learned to spell the word corona.

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208 deaths in very vaccinated country?

something is not right here....

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something is not right here....

Yeah like messed up big time bro... you got anything else?

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Enjoying the holidays in New Zealand, not a mask in sight

Come on Japan get over the mask fetishism already

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Yes, those unvaxxed lowly educated Trump-supporters.

Since you brought it up, there is a very noticeable pattern. The 2020 election was stolen, climate change is a hoax, mRNA4Life etc.

I find it absolutely fascinating. The people themselves are extraordinarily boring and predictable, but the pattern is interesting.

Have you found this?

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Wait until tomorrow, unfortunately I believe the numbers are going to skyrocket. Today, when crossing the cross walk there were just crowds of people heading for the local mall up the street from my home. For me, I am just going to the supermarket and home, only.

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This might be off topic. I don't know. I was on a tightly packed ski bus today. The driver asked that everyone wear a mask. And 95% of the passengers did. But not all passengers. What's up with that? Even if you think that masks won't protect you there is such a thing as common courtesy. (Plus they do protect you..)

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