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Japan reports 9,100 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Saturday reported 9,100 new coronavirus cases, down 13 from Friday. Tokyo reported 805 new cases, up 27 from Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms nationwide was 109 down seven from Friday, health officials said.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 118.

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March 13th can't get here quick enough!

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Doubt it'll ever get as low as triple digits until it has mutated enough to no longer be considered the same strain or its been ousted by more successful related viruses.

I wonder when they will change the classification of mortality currently called ‘covid related’, when the term applies to anything from incidental and speculative, to the primary cause of death.

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when the term applies to anything from incidental and speculative, to the primary cause of death.

Actually to you it's clear the application of the term is only speculative

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@Roy thanks for clarification!

@Ian nothing is speculative about the thousands of people who could have otherwise survived whatever other ailments they were dealing with if Covid hadn’t pushed them over the brink

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I'm waiting for the day JT no longer bothers with reporting the number. The rest of the world doesn't bother anymore. Why? Because there are other much more important things to report.

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@rory you can literally just look at the increase in all cause mortality parallel to Covid cases

it’s a safe logical assumption that some would die regardless without contracting Covid and that some wouldn’t have died had there not been an additional contributing factor like a respiratory disease

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who is saying it’s the deadliest virus? It’s statistically about several to a dozen times deadlier than influenza which is already cause for seasonal increase in manpower, vaccines in some groups and contributes to many deaths annually… despite only causing mild cold symptoms in the vast majority of cases.

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You are finally the voice of reason :)

This too:

2) Maintain proper mask and coughing etiquette and decide whether to mask up according to the broader infection situation. 


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Japanese people around me who are ditching THE MASK.

March 13th can't come quick enough ,eh? ;^)

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