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Japan reports 9,552 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Wednesday reported 9,552 new coronavirus cases, down 459 from Tuesday. Tokyo reported 816 new cases, down 172 from Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms nationwide was 119 up four from Tuesday, health officials said.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 61.

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back DOWN into 4 digits .!. it may well never even reach 3 again …. It’s now SAFE to go out and have fun without a mask .!.

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Japan still way out on front for the most active cases of Covid 19 in the world. Important to remember as it says on a poster at my local city hall today, to wash your hands regularly, social distance, stay masked (where requested) and stay home as much as possible. Take care everyone!


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Nice to see a decline in cases.

Nice to see the government's mask timeframe plan come to pass.

On the whole, things are optimistic.

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Numbers are bottoming out. Good to see around 40-50% of the Nagoya sumo crowd maskless - including quite a few seniors. Nice to see people’s faces enjoying the sport.

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My lifestyle hasn't really changed much in the last 2.5 years or so but great to see some other people living again too.

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who don’t have any issue with obligatory masks or lockdowns are the least affected

Indeed. But remember there wee no "lockdowns" here and masks were never law-enforced.

People who just followed the guidelines as best the could seem to be coming out well.

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Thankfully not, but there were users who at one point were posting daily that we needed to lock down immediately, close the borders completely etc etc though most have calmed down or stopped since they were even alienating other people who are quite positive to vaccines and masks like myself

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Most of the rest of the world has long ditched the face-nappies, Japan, so they just make you look ridiculous at this point.

Government has now said that they don't believe masks are necessary outside of a few very specific scenarios, most other countries stopped wearing them months ago with no measurable detrimental results, but pretty much 100% of Japanese continue to wear them at all times. If they are not going to remove them now, then when exactly? The virus is obviously not going anywhere.

I would ask what the thinking is, but I think that there simply is no thinking - they are just blindly following what the majority of other people are doing like mindless sheep.

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